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Fortnite season 7, week 1 challenges and how to complete them


The latest season of Fortnite is here, and this time around, players are tasked with facing off against an alien invasion. As expected, season 7, week 1 is live with a brand new batch of challenges for you to complete. Much like the challenges from recent weeks, this new set is comprised of quests that you’ll likely complete by simply playing naturally. While many of them are tied to new features such as the newly added weapons or upgrade stations, you might’ve already made progress toward them without trying to.

However, you might want to prioritize these challenges to complete them as quickly as possible. Fortunately, we’ve got all the details on the newest challenge to help you get through them fast. These are the latest Fortnite challenges and how to complete the trickier ones.

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Season 7, week 1 challenges

Each week, we always recommend at least glancing at the new challenges so you’re aware of what you need to do. You’ll likely be able to get through most of them without any help, but a handful of them — like accepting a quest from a payphone or using upgrade benches — might give you a little trouble.

Here’s the list of the newest challenges:

  • Collect different weapon types (5)
  • Search chests at Steamy Stacks or Craggy Cliffs (7)
  • Deal Damage with Pulse Rifle (500)
  • Elimination with the Rail Gun (1)
  • Accept a quest from a payphone (1)
  • Upgrade weapons at upgrade benches (3)
  • Buy a shield potion from a Mending Machine (1)

Since a handful of them might stump you, we’ve got tips on how to complete them below.

Season 7, week 1 challenge guide

Accept a quest from a payphone

This is likely the toughest challenge of the week, simply because you might not be aware of where to find the payphones. The guide below walks you through where they are and includes tips for completing the challenge easily.

How to accept a quest from a payphone

Upgrade weapons at upgrade benches

Much like the payphones, upgrade benches are scattered around the map. Use the map above (thanks, for assistance.

Buy a shield potion from a Mending Machine

Once again, you might’ve stumbled across Mending Machines already, but if you’re stuck, use the map above to see their locations (courtesy of

And with that, you should be well-equipped to tackle this week’s challenges. As long as you know where some of the new points of interest are, you shouldn’t have too many difficulties completing the newest batch — and upon doing so, you’ll be rewarded with a ton of XP, so we highly recommend completing these challenges.

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