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Fortnite challenge guide: Collect spray cans from warehouses and garages

The newest set of Fortnite challenges are live for season 7, week 2, and this batch of objectives is a bit more in-depth than previous ones. Week 2’s challenges aren’t hard by any means, but they do require you to visit specific locations on the map — some of which are hidden. One challenge specifically requires you to find two spray cans across Pleasant Park and Dirty Docks, which can be tricky to spot. Luckily, there are nine possible cans to collect, and since you only need two total, there’s plenty of room for error.

Still, you might be wondering where to find these hidden cans. That’s where we come in. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all nine cans in warehouses and garages across Pleasant Park and Dirty Docks. Here’s where to find spray cans in Fortnite.

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Spray can locations


Before jumping into spray can hunting, you should be aware of their general locations. The map above (courtesy of Fortnite.gg) shows all nine locations across both areas. Remember, you only need to collect two of the nine, and they can be across both areas and collected over multiple matches. You can collect the spray cans in any order, too. Below are the specific locations of each.

Pleasant Park spray cans

First spray can

First up, you can visit the southeastern house in Pleasant Park to find a spray can. All of the cans in this area are found in garages. Look for this one next to a red shelving unit.

Second spray can

After that, head to the house to the north of the previous to find this spray can on the ground in the garage.

Third spray can

The next spray can is located in the building north of the last next to the garage door.

Fourth spray can

The northwesternmost house of Pleasant Park has the next spray can — once again — next to a red shelving unit.

Fifth spray can

Finally, the house with the gray roof (between the two brown-roofed homes) has a spray can as well. It’s next to a blue and yellow shelf.

Dirty Docks spray cans

First spray can

There are four possible spray cans to collect at Dirty Docks. The first one can be found at the large warehouse on the west side of this area, to the east of the westernmost building.

Second spray can

Just southeast of the previous warehouse is another one, which also contains the next spray can by a shelf and some crates.

Third spray can

Across the street to the east is the next one, located next to some crates.

Fourth spray can

The final one is found all the way on the south side of Dirty Docks, on the main floor by some crates.

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