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Following closely behind last month’s Google I/O 2021 and Microsoft’s Build conference, Apple is taking the stage to make some major announcements at WWDC 2021. The keynote is happening now, so head over to for full coverage of the event!

What to expect from WWDC 2021

Unlike the Apple Spring Loaded event back in April, WWDC is focused more on software. The company is expected to announce the next major update to iOS, which will likely be iOS 15. It may not be a big overhaul like Android 12 will be for some of the best Android phones, but there could be some notable feature updates.

New features could include updates to notifications and even changes to iMessage to make it more like a social network, potentially widening the feature gap between Apple and Google’s messaging apps. Apple is also expected to make announcements about privacy, such as the recently announced changes to AirTags.

iPadOS is also expected to get some updates, although it’s unclear what the company may introduce after recently launching the new M1-powered iPad Pro (2021).

Apple is likely to announce updates to its other OSes as well, but there is also the possibility that Apple could announce new Macbook Pros with an enhanced M-series chip. The current Apple M1 chip is already impressive, so any improvements made on a new chip will likely outpace many of the best laptops today, especially other ARM-powered devices.

What not to expect

It’s unlikely that Apple will announce the upcoming iPhone 13/iPhone 12S or any other mobile hardware at the event. That said, the company has always surprised us, and there will reportedly be a separate “special event” happening after the WWDC keynote that will focus on the new Spacial Audio that the company announced last month.

There are also rumors that a newly redesigned iPod Touch is on the way, but that would likely arrive in September when Apple is expected to announce the next iPhone.

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