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Don’t muck up the TCL 10 Pro’s display and use the best screen protectors

When you think of TCL, you might think of some of the best Android TVs out there, but the company has also made its way into the smartphone market. With devices like the TCL 10 Pro, you’re going to enjoy a great display, even better design, and an affordable price. If you want to keep the display from getting scratched up, grab one of the best TCL 10 Pro screen protectors.

Have a backup

Supershieldz Full Cover Tempered Glass (2-pack)


Staff Pick

Whenever a new smartphone is released, it feels like Supershieldz is one of the first companies to make a screen protector, and that includes the TCL 10 Pro. The Supershieldz Full Cover two-pack of tempered glass screen protectors feature rounded edges, 100% bubble-free adhesive, and 99.99% HD clarity so you won’t experience any issues when viewing the display.

$12 at Amazon
$12 at Walmart

From the source

TCL Screen Protector


It’s not often that a phone maker releases a standalone screen protector, but that’s exactly what TCL has done for the 10 Pro. This two-pack of film screen protectors offer the perfect fit, and are extremely easy to install. Plus, since they come right from TCL, you shouldn’t run into any issues if you use a case.

$10 at Amazon

Easy installation

PureGear HD Curved Tempered Glass


The problem with some screen protector packs nowadays is that the companies don’t always include an installation tool. That won’t be an issue with the PureGear HD Curved Tempered Glass kit thanks to the included alignment tray. There’s also a 30-day warranty if you’re not satisfied with how the PureGear HD Screen Protector performs in day-to-day use.

$20 at Amazon

These are the best TCL 10 Pro screen protectors

The TCL 10 Pro is a rather interesting device. It’s placed firmly among the best cheap Android phones, but it still has a flagship design. With a design this sleek and a display this unique, youre definitely going to want to find the best TCL 10 Pro screen protectors, and that’s where the Supersheildz Full Cover Tempered Glass kit comes in. You’ll get two screen protectors in the box, while being provided with a bubble-free installation and 2.5D rounded edges. Supershieldz also includes both hydrophobic and oleo-phobic coatings to reduce fingerprints dirtying up the screen.

If you don’t want to fiddle with a tempered glass screen protector, or just prefer the feel of a film screen protector, TCL has you covered. The company offers a film screen protector or its 10 Pro, ensuring that you’ll get the perfect fit with each installation. This won’t be as protective as using tempered glass, but if you’re just trying to avoid scratches, then it will work just fine.

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