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Add some smart lighting with Nitebird’s wireless LED strip on sale for $26

You’d be surprised at all the things you can do with an LED light strip. From adding some light underneath your cabinets to bias lighting behind your TV to something to agument a live stream, a good LED light strip can change the mood of a room in an instant. Right now you can get the Nitebird 32.8-feet smart wireless LED light strip on sale for $26.38 at Amazon. That’s a nearly $14 discount over what it was selling for at the beginning of April and the lowest direct discount we have ever seen.

This isn’t the only Nitebird product on sale today, either. The sale is one of Amazon’s deals of the day and features a wide range of Nitebird products all going for discounted prices. If you just need some smart bulbs you can get a 4-pack in white for $22.39 or multi-color for $25.49. There are a few other options available, too, so check out the whole sale before these deals disappear.

The light strip has a lot of smart functionality built in so it’s more than just LEDs on a strip. For one thing, using the free app you can schedule the lights. They can turn off and on automatically and even work like an alarm clock to help you wake up. There are also eight customized scenes you can use to set the mood.

There is a sensitive mic built into the strip as well. This mic can be used to listen to what’s going on in the room and sync the lights accordingly. Turn your party into a rave as the LEDs flash and change color.

The LEDs stick to any dry and clean surface and use strong self adhesive to make it happen. You can cut the light strip at the appropriate length so you can fully make use of every inch you have. It also works with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.

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