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These 5 warmup exercises will make you a better cyclist

Cycling has been a prevalent sports in recent years with an increasing number of non-professional bicycle fans engaging into this sports. Accordingly, there are trendy bicycles in the market these days such as the escape, cruiser, and cruiser step-thru under the brand of Himiway, multiple functional and tailored to specific customers to meet customers’ needs. Undoubtedly, people are fascinated with cycling and pursuing the first class gears to follow the current trend. But more importantly, they desire to shape and strengthen their muscles and bodies . But for plenty of bicycle fanatics who have no awareness of bike stretches before cycling, chances are that they are to suffer from damages during the process. Here, some normal warm-up exercises targeting particular body parts are introduced to avoid potential hurts for cyclists before riding.


Stretches can be seen necessary for people before almost all sports. Though there are a lot of stretch sports, one is to be detailed in this section, which is to exercise your quadriceps femoris. To do this, people should stand upright against the wall or by the bike while grabbing their right feet from back with their left hand.Then they should pull away foot lightly in an upright direction. When one foot reaches to an extreme point, keep your body standing and your hands and feet unchanged for several minutes. Meanwhile, your eyes should look in a horizontal direction and you breathe slowly at the same time. To stretch your muscle, pull away your hand with your foot. This move is advised to be held for about 20 seconds before changing to the other foot. As for this exercise, almost everyone can do that without any worry about potential dangers and inappropriate moves.

Low Lunge with twist

The lunge with a twist exercise is essential in terms of the lower body strength building and can be used as a warm-up for the bicycle workout. The lunge with a twist is also a great way to challenge your balance and engage the muscles used for any exercise you perform, such as the cycling. Performing the lunge while holding and rotating a medicine ball from right to left involves the quads, glutes, and core; Meanwhile it can improve balance and proprioception, though this equipment is not demanded to use. The lunge with a twist is also often integrated into prep time for certain physical activities. This type of stability exercise isolates your quads and hamstrings during the lunge. By adding the twisting motion (with or without added weight) your glutes contract more fully as you engage your core. In every lunge you do, pay a close attention to your form. Before you start your lunge, check to make sure: you’re facing forward; your back is straight with shoulders back; your core is engaged.If you have a knee or hip injury or are recovering from surgery, you may want to avoid exercises like lunges until you’re healed. It is better to ask your doctor, physical therapist, or trainer for suggestions, modifications, similar moves you can add to your workout as you rehabilitate and heal.

Supine Heel Tap

Different modes of supine heel tap can be performed. Positioning your legs in a supine way in a 90/90 position and your arms overhead pressing into a wall, the supine heel tap requires you to remain in this posture for several minutes while lowering the leg until the heel taps the floor. Perform 10 reps then repeat with other leg. The wall press heel tap is an alternative of the wall press 90/90 extension and an exercise used to build up the muscles of the core through stabilization. It is a good method to help you progress to a more advanced wall press 90/90 extension exercise variation. Besides, this exercise kicks your core into gear, which prepares you for movements of limbs by and perfecting your posture in a stable way. One important thing to perform this exercise is that people whose waist has ever damaged should make more preparations to prevent them from hurts in the exercise.

Leg swings

Straight leg wings is conducive to abdomen which is quite simple. People who just start to exercise can also learn it well in a short time which shapes their flat abdomen. Besides, this exercise can boost our body health by protecting our joints and ankles and intensifying the bones so as to decrease the potential damages during the workouts, especially for cycling. The movement for straight leg wings consist of four steps, among which the first step is to lie flatly on the yoga mat while keeping the upper body up, two arms holding the mat, and then move your legs off the ground with strength from the belly alternatively. Coaches suggest this exercise to stretch people’s articulatio coxae, relax hips and make the muscle in the thigh more flexible.

Glute Bridge With Resistance Band

Glute bridge with resistance band is another exercise for you to warm up. Lay faceup at first and then place a small resistance band loop above your knees, then bend knees to make your feet flat on the floor. When you do this, your feet are supposed to be hip-distance apart with your heels about six inches in front of your glutes. Your glutes will be contracted and your hips straight up. Hold the position for three seconds when pressing your glutes. After that, lowering back down to the original position at a slow speed. Do not forget to repeat that for one minute. Inferring from the exercise’s name, one can know that this move fires up your glutes, the powerhouse of man’s  body. It is a good way for people to relieve the pain in the muscle if they conduct a long time cycling.

It is known that warming up is important, and yet, some people, especially for those with little knowledge in this part, still fail to perform these exercises most of the time. However, appropriate bicycle stretches as listed above, just benefit man’s body by boosting blood flow, exercising our muscles and joints for excellent performance and facilitating increases in the range of motion to ward off little aches or injury. Generally, warm-up exercises can protect the muscles from being hurt and prime the body to perform optimally during cycling. With this knowledge and those well-designed fashionable bicycles such as Himiway bicycles, cycling will definitely be a much healthier and more thrilling experience.

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