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Snatch the EufyCam 2C Pro wireless home security system at 25% off

Smart home security used to be something of a luxury but HD cameras have become really affordable in recent years. If you’re yet to equip your home with an extra layer of security, today’s deals on Eufy security products over at Amazon. Right now, you can score EufyCam 2C Pro cameras at all-time low prices with 25% off. The sale also features the EufyCam 2 at 30% off.

If you’re new to Eufy’s security ecosystem, your best purchase is the EufyCam 2C Pro 3-cam kit at $314.99. This kit comes with three wireless cameras and the HomeBase 2, which is the base station you need to connect everything together. Not only does it connect with these cameras, but the HomeBase 2 also works with other Eufy gear like the regular EufyCam, the EufyCam E, and Eufy entry sensors.

The cameras provide live streaming and video recording in 2K resolution. You’ll be able to fully see what’s going on in or around your home via your Alexa, Google Home, or HomeKit devices. They also have detailed night vision thanks to an infrared setting, but you can also use the built-in spotlight to illuminate the area.

These cameras are designed with a powerful battery that will last for up to 180 days on a single charge. Not only do you get to skip the inconvenience and tediousness of setting up wired security, but you also don’t have to worry about recharging the wireless battery for six months at a time.

You can use your phone to receive smart alerts from your cameras when they detect intruders. The cameras use human detection technology, which helps them distinguish body shapes and facial patterns. You won’t get bad alerts that waste your time. You’ll know when your camera has spotted a human or a stray cat instead.

The IP67 rating for the cameras means they resist dust, dirt, and water. The number 6 means there’s nowhere on the camera for dust to even get in. It is completely protected. The 7 rating means not only are the cameras protected from weather like rain, but you could actually immerse them in water up to one meter in depth and they’d be fine. Very impressive for cameras you’re definitely going to want to use outside.

The sale also includes the EufyCam 2 three-camera kit at $328.99, a discount of 30%. It works in much the same way as the EufyCam 2c Pro, though it only records in 1080p HD and lacks the built-in spotlight and HomeKit compatibility.

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