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How To Save At The Gas Pump This Summer

As gas prices begin to creep higher and higher, people all over the country are beginning to wonder how affordable it will be to take road trips this summer after many of the lockdowns from the global pandemic have begun opening up again. If this is the type of summer trip you were planning but are now questioning if you’ll be able to afford it, here are three tips for saving at the gas pump this summer.

Don’t Settle For Convenience

One of the best ways to save when filling up your tank is to know where the best gas prices can be found. Even within the same city, gas prices can fluctuate dramatically.

With this in mind, Sarah O’Brien, a contributor to CNBC.com, advises that you look beyond the most convenient gas station to where you live or work. Although driving a bit out of your way might take up a little bit of your time, if you’re able to save even just a few cents on each gallon, you could easily be saving a lot of money. Especially if you have a larger vehicle that takes a lot of gas to fill up, you’ll really feel this savings just by picking a gas station that offers a slightly lower price than its competitors.

Start Paying With Cash

Another way you can begin saving more money when you get gas is to commit to paying in cash each time you fill up.

According to Anthony Giorgianni, a contributor to Consumer Reports, most gas stations offer their lowest prices to customers that pay for gas with cash rather than using a credit or debit card. Because it usually costs the gas station more money to run a credit or debit card, the money they save when you pay in cash can easily be passed on to you. And since the difference can be significant, it could be well worth it to keep some cash in your wallet for when you need to get some gas in your car.

Avoid Filling Up On The Weekend

Knowing the right time to fill up can also have an impact on the price that you pay at the pump.

In general, Eric Z. Gasa, a contributor to Odometer.com, shares that gas prices tend to rise as it gets closer to the weekend. Because people are more likely to take longer road trips over the weekend, gas stations up their prices to take advantage of this bump in demand. So if you can avoid filling up on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, you’ll usually find that you’re paying less for the gas you need. If you’re hoping to fit in a road trip or two this summer, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you save on your fuel costs.

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