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Here are the best Samsung Galaxy A32 5G screen protectors in 2021

The Galaxy A32 5G smartphone is one of Samsung’s latest and the most affordable 5G device in the line-up. Despite its small price tag, it has tons of premium features and comes equipped with a gorgeous 6.5-inch HD+ display. While the first thing you’ll need to do is protect the Galaxy A32 5G smartphone with a case, you should also consider a screen protector for added peace of mind. And these are the best Samsung Galaxy A32 5G screen protectors you can find.

Keep onlookers away

PULEN Privacy Screen Protector – 2-pack

Staff Pick


This screen protector offers both the benefit of added protection for the screen against scratches and cracks. It also functions as a privacy screen by making the screen visible only to those directly facing it. This way, those standing or sitting nearby can’t sneak a peek while you’re entering passwords or sending personal messages.

$9 at Amazon

Brilliant marketing

CaptainShld Tempered Glass – 2-pack


You have to give it to this brand for the brilliant marketing, not only in the brand name but with the robot mascot on the front of the package valiantly carrying a protective shield. Marketing aside, this is an affordable set of two screen protectors that has all the features you’d expect from tempered glass, including scratch-, water-, and sweat-resistance. The fun packaging makes it a fun gift option.

$7 at Amazon

Extras on hand

PULEN Tempered Glass – 3-pack


Get three in a package so you have extras on hand or can split the pack with friends or family members. Each tempered glass protector offers laser-cut dimensions to fit the device perfectly and applies easily without leaving any annoying bubbles behind.

$7 at Amazon

Simple protection

QHOHQ Tempered Glass – 3-pack


Get basic protection of the device’s screen with this tempered glass protector that comes with three in a pack. Like the others, it resists smudges and fingerprints and measures just 0.33mm thin to maintain the responsiveness of the device’s screen and 99.9 percent of light transmission. Bottom line: you won’t even know it’s there.

$7 at Amazon

Everything you need

Mr. Shield Tempered Glass – 3-pack


The package really is a package, as it comes with everything you’d need for simple application of the tempered glass screen protector, including alcohol prep pads, bubble removers, dust collector, scratching card, and a cleaning cloth. Whenever you’re ready to remove it, there’s also removal tape.

$7 at Amazon

Soft TPU instead

Iiseon Hydrogel Film – 2-pack


If you would rather something other than tempered glass, consider this high sensitivity hydrogel protective film, which is made of transparent soft TPU and offers full coverage of the device’s screen once applied. One of the biggest concerns with flexible screen protectors is the formation of bubbles, but this one has auto repair technology that purports to remove bubbles on its own within 24 hours.

$12 at Amazon

Room to move

LK Tempered Glass – 3-pack


This tempered glass screen protector leaves some additional space around the phone’s borders so a protective case can wrap neatly around the edges. The shatterproof protector is designed to prevent the screen from getting scratches or cracking after an unfortunate drop or fall.

$7 at Amazon

Brand reputation

Supershieldz Screen Protector – 6-pack


SuperShieldz is one of the best-known brands for screen protectors, and this offers an anti-glare and anti-fingerprint matte finish. It’s made from high-quality Japanese PET film that goes on easy and doesn’t leave any residue behind yet leaves a natural feel once it has been applied. You can’t go wrong with a screen protector from this brand, which has a solid reputation behind it. And with six in a pack, this is a perfect set to share with an entire team or family.

$7 at Amazon

High-end protection

Otterbox Value Glass Screen Protector


You’ll pay much more for this screen protector than any other on the list, but if you’re a fan of Otterbox and are willing to pay for something from a reputable and popular brand, this might be worth investing in. It goes on easy and will offer sufficient protection from accidental bumps, scratches, and falls.

$28 at Amazon

Edge-to-edge protection

CoverON Tempered Glass – 2-pack


Get edge-to-edge protection for your A32 5G screen with this tempered glass screen protector, which comes two in a pack. It covers 98 percent of the entire screen of the phone and the black area around it, leaving just two percent space around the edges. The screen has three layers of anti-UV and anti-rainbow effect coatings for extra protection.

$9 at Amazon

Full clarity

RBEIK Tempered Glass – 3-pack


Get 99.9% screen clarity, even with this ultra-clear tempered glass screen protector on. It has all the usual suspects when it comes to features, including anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch designs, bubble-free application, and an oleophobic coating.

$7 at Amazon

Built-in and sparkly

Rosebono Fashion Case with Built-in Screen Protector


Kill two birds with one stone with this protective case that includes a built-in screen protector. Plus, it features a colorful gradient TPU skin cover on the back in one of five color combination options. Made of polycarbonate with soft silicone underneath, the case goes on the back while the protective front casing serves as a protector for the screen.

$9 at Amazon

Which Samsung Galaxy A32 5G screen protector should you choose?

As mentioned, the first accessory you should buy for the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G – and any smartphone, for that matter – is a protective case. But one accessory people often forget about is a screen protector. Even if the case you choose comes with a basic screen protector, just like you’d upgrade the earbuds that come with a smartphone, it’s a good idea to upgrade to a screen protector of higher quality that might offer better protection.

To sufficiently protect this new premium yet affordable phone’s 6.5-inch screen, you’ll need to choose among the best Galaxy A32 5G screen protectors. And topping our list is the PULEN Privacy Screen Protector since it also works as a privacy screen to keep thieves, or just nosy onlookers, at bay. You don’t have to worry that the guy beside you in the coffee shop is trying to see your password as you punch it in, nor that clients can see private files or e-mails as you review them on your phone.

But when it comes down to just a basic, high-quality screen protector, you can’t go wrong with SuperShieldz and its tempered glass, a trusted brand among smartphone owners.

Whichever you choose, don’t be tempted by the “more for less” perception. Unless you’re buying a pack of screen protectors to use with multiple A32 5Gs, you’re better off getting a single better quality screen protector than paying the same to get a package of three, four, or more that you’ll never use.

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