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Complete Your Style with Hublot’s 5 Best New Releases

Hublot watches throughout its years of operation as a watchmaking company since it was founded in 1980, expanded its influence, and made achievements with its different series. It includes the Classic Fusion, Big Bang, and the Spirit of Big Bang. This article will present at least one newly-released watch in each of these series.

This watchmaking company is a significant competitor in the market of luxury watchmaking companies. You can see in all of its timepiece products from old models up to the new releases that all of the budgets were spent effectively, and none of its expensive raw materials were wasted.

Ceramic Blue Automatic Blue Dial Men’s Watch

This first Hublot Watch will kick off the list. Presenting in a much simpler yet you can tell its grandiose aura is this Blue Dial Men’s watch from the Classic Fusion of Hublot. It features a rich and shining blue dial which made the watch smooth-looking. The dial was further enhanced by the silver-toned stick indexes and sword hands.

The whole watch is enclosed and protected by a black and shining ceramic case. Its black and polished plain bezel adds perfection to the simple image of the timepiece. This Classic Fusion watch can continue in operation for up to 42 hours and is resistant to up to 50 meters underwater, so take extra care when wearing it near bodies of water.

Black Magic Bracelet Diamonds Ceramic Ladies Watch

This Classic Fusion watch is truly a magnificent attraction. The artisans of Hublot always beat their limits when it comes to these beautiful creations. You can always tell the time and effort it took to make this one aside from the price that it will reach. No raw materials wasted design and quality-wised.

It is made for the ladies and will surely capture the eyes of anyone who will attempt to lay an eye on it. The rich black theme of the watch further enhances the skin tone of the wearer and all the outfits she will be wearing.

The rich matte black dial was coupled with the silver-toned stick indexes and sword hands. It pairs especially with the plain bezel line with diamonds on the top of a polished black ceramic to maintain a radiant and shimmering appearance of the watch. It might complete your style but do not forget to remove it when plunging underwater as it is only resistant to it for 50 meters.

Gold Blue Diamonds Quartz Blue Dial Ladies Watch

Upgrade your elegance and beauty with this Diamond watch from Big Bang. It was furnished with a rich blue dial adding an outward spreading effect combined with the rose gold-plated stick and Arabic Numerals indexes and skeleton sword hands. The diamonds lined on its plain bezel exudes the difference in class between timepieces.

It is enclosed with a rose gold metal case that protects the inner mechanisms of the watch. The bracelet band is made of alligator leather and rubber to give off the comfortable feeling the wrist needs while worn. While wearing it, be careful against any water splashes and avoid water activities as it will deal damage to the watch.

Steel White Diamonds Quartz White Dial Ladies Watch

Representing the purest of them all, Steel White Diamonds Ladies Watch. If the Black Magic Diamonds Ladies Watch enhances the wearer’s skin tone, this timepiece will make the look of your wife glowing with its all-white display. The plain white dial with the faded design was combined with the stick and Arabic Numerals indexes and skeleton sword hands.

On the top, you can feast your eyes on its plain bezel lined with two rows of blinding diamonds. You also do not have to worry with regards to the sturdiness department. The watch was enclosed with polished stainless steel and can maintain its power reserve of 3 to 5 years.

This watch can also maintain underwater for up to 100 meters. The rubber bracelet band of the piece comforts the skin of the wearer to avoid irritability and redness. One look, and you might think that it was on the expensive side. However, you are mistaken because it is on a much lower side compared to others with a price of ¥754 455.

Titanium Blue Diamonds Automatic Blue Dial Men’s Watch

Coming up with a tonneau shape is the Titanium Blue Diamonds Men’s watch. Compared to the first four, even with the diamond embellishment, it does not feature an exquisite appearance and settles on the quiet and straightforward side. Its tonneau shape also made it a great fitting to the wearer’s wrist and afforded a much better comfortability.

This watch is from the Spirit of Big Bang series of Hublot. The matte blue dial provides a clean platform for the slanted stick indexes and skeleton sword hands, with the current date also displayed in the 6 o’clock position. Its utmost protection was guaranteed by its polished titanium case and can withstand underwater for up to 100 meters.


With its different series allowing varying designs, Hublot provides a multitude of choices for lovers and collectors. This helps expand their influence and let the people have the freedom to choose the style and design that best suits their tastes.

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