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Are Vanity Numbers Important? X Reasons Your Startup Needs One

1-800-1732-263 or 1-800-1-README. Of the two, which is more memorable to you? For most people, it would be the latter. The need for a customized number that we call vanity number is growing because they’re seeing benefits to it that weren’t available a few weeks back.

It’s also the reason providers like Telnum offer this service, helping business owners to become more accessible to their clientele.

What is a vanity number?

If you’re familiar with toll free numbers, then you can consider a vanity number to be an improved version of that – having all the benefits of the regular toll number and more.

It is a customized number you choose for your business such as 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-777-7777. There’s no required format to it. What makes it special is it’s customized for your business. Or in this case, your startup.

How does it help startups?

The potential returns of getting a vanity number are much higher than its already low cost.

  1.  It puts customers at ease with doing business with you.

Getting a solid stream of clients can be pretty hard with a startup. And we’re sure that despite not having enough work to cover the bills, you have non-negotiable overhead costs.

Having one is a great way to let your customers know that you’re legit and that you’re here to stay.

  1.  It makes your startup easy-to-remember.

You’re in the process of building your brand, and your vanity number can help with that. It becomes another element that your target market can remember you buy.

And believe us, at this stage, you’d want every opportunity to make your mark out there. 

  1.  You automatically target your market

If your number is 1-800-FLOWERS, you most likely won’t get calls from people looking for shoes. This allows you to maximize the business conducted in inbound calls as they’d mostly be relevant inquiries.

This also means that your bill for your number would be cheaper. As you’re charged per call the customer makes, fewer yet more relevant calls mean paying less.

  1.  It’s more memorable than a website address

On printed ads, a vanity number is more memorable than a web address because a website loses its touch when you have to do more than click to get there. This is very important if you’re not offering just a digital product because online advertisement won’t be enough.

  1.  It extremely flexible

And like most startups, you’re going to need that flexibility. A vanity number lets you redirect calls to your phone, so you can respond to calls wherever you are.

3 tips in choosing one 

If you’re convinced that you should get one right now, great! But that doesn’t mean that you just get the first one that comes to your mind. You should know that a few things come into consideration with choosing one.

  1.  Think of something memorable

But it’s not enough that it’s memorable. It also has to introduce your business to whoever would see the number. For bigger, more established brands, they can just have their name, a variation of it, or their tagline.

Unfortunately, that won’t be as effective with startups because you’re relatively unknown. So in your case, it’s better to just choose something that would give potential customers an idea of what your business offers.

Another note is it doesn’t have to spell out anything. An easy to remember number sequence can have the same effect.

  1.  Have a few options ready

Toll numbers are nothing new. And unless you’re the first of your kind in your industry, the number you want may not be available anymore. When you order your vanity number, you’d want to have a few options ready.

We highly suggest that you have in two ways:

  1.  Have a few vanity number options. Chances are your first choice isn’t available. Having a few options allows you to move forward right away.
  1.  Check other area codes. If you’re dead set on the number you want, check if it’s available in other area codes. If available, you can still get your first choice.
  1.  Provide the number and spelled-out version of the number

To avoid mistakes and hassles with getting your number, provide both. For example, if you want 1-800-CARWASH, make sure to include that the number version of this is 1-800-227-9274.

Doing this prevents mistakes on both ends of the transaction, allowing you to experience the advantages of having a vanity number right away.

By not getting one, you’re missing huge opportunities to let your startup be known and attract customers. Given that there are a lot of benefits to a vanity number, it proves itself as a low-cost yet powerful tool that every business should take advantage of right now.