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Useful Tips For A Beautiful Aesthetic Workplace Design

What is more satisfying than good customer service? A beautiful and aesthetically pleasing environment. Not only does it create an appealing environment for customers, but it also boosts employee morale and creativity.

Pick the Right Colors

The right color combo can have a significant effect on productivity levels. Each color has its own benefits. Just keep it professional and in line with the brand when choosing new colors.

Keep the Noise Low

Modern design trends are leaning heavily towards the open office layout. While this sort of environment has some fantastic benefits it comes with a major drawback – background noise.

Studies have shown that everyday office sounds such as conversations, vacuuming, etc. can have a major effect on employees’ productivity. Other effects include:

  • Increased illness
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Lower job satisfaction
  • Lower morale

Although background noise can set back productivity, conversation is at the heart of networking. With the open office layout, people are able to connect with others who they would have been unlikely to have met in a traditional work setting.

It is best to create an area within the office for collaboration and the exchanging of ideas, like a break room, and an additional area for privacy, concentration, and head-down productivity.

Co-working spaces have shown that it is possible to strike a balance between cubicle-free open office areas, break room/café style, and private call rooms where people can work without distraction. To further reduce noise and improve quality productivity, why not consider placing interactive touch screen displays in your workspace? This allows for a more interactive experience where clients can streamline their needs without having to interact with staff. Why not even consider installing an interactive building, or office directory?

Not only does this make a client’s visit go smoother and faster, but it also makes the workspace look more modern and as if it is keeping up with the times.

Lose the Edges

If there is a way to cut down on the number of 90-degree angles in your workspace, do it. Research has found that people are more likely to see a space as beautiful if they have softer edges.

We spend around 90% of our lives indoors. We need to make these spaces enjoyable.

Curved and more rounded edges have a way of putting the subconscious mind at ease. It signals safety and opens up cognitive space for creativity.

A creative environment will help those in the space to cultivate more creative ideas.

Light Up Your Space and Add a Few Plants

Open those blinds. Natural light has mood-boosting effects.

A study showed that employees who got natural light from a window slept an

average of 46 minutes more per night than those who did not get access to natural light.

Office plants also thrive in an environment that has lots of lights. A study found that some indoor foliage can help with the mood in the workspace. Employees who had plants placed in their offices showed up to:

  • 30% reduction in confusion
  • 37% reduction in anxiety
  • 38% reduction in fatigue
  • 44% reduction in anger
  • 58% reduction in depression

Where windows aren’t possible, add desk lamps to cut back on harsh fluorescent lighting.

Personalized Workspaces

Whether it’s your responsibility to design an entire office space or it’s your own desk that you want to decorate, adding some personal touches to your space can enhance your work experience and add to the aesthetic and ambiance of the workspace. Consider bringing in photos, souvenirs, artwork, etc. You can go for those typical office artwork pieces that include inspirational quotes or posters of mountain climbers and marathon runners to elicit motivation, but that is not the only choice out there.

While it is important to have a separation between personal and work life, it can be beneficial to add some elements of the home to your desk.

Cringe-worthy inspirational quotes can add vigor to some people’s motivation. As long as your decorations are not distracting to your colleagues, and they make you feel good, go with it.

One of the best and simplest customizations anyone can make to their desk is to raise their monitor to meet eye level. If you are only using a laptop, consider getting a second monitor. A dual-screen workstation can boost productivity and reduce neck strain.

Also, if you’re using an uncomfortable chair, consider investing in a more ergonomic seat. They improve posture and can make a long day in the office feel a lot less strenuous. Plus, they look really good.

Adding desk divider screens in your office space can also be a great way to increase privacy and reduce distractions while giving you an open and collaborative environment.

Organization and Cleanliness

The organization not only increases workflow but also looks professional and appealing to staff and clientele. Build a system that reduces clutter. Think about using to-do lists, task cards, color-coded filing systems, and check sheets.

These methods can help keep your area clean and clutter-free. By implementing a color-coded system, you know exactly where to file and find important papers right when you receive or need them.

The last task on your to-do list should always be to clean your area and prepare it for the following day of work. Get rid of unnecessary items, dirty mugs, crumbs, smudges, and anything else that is unappealing and/or otherwise distracting.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve office aesthetics is to create policies that keep workstations and communal areas tidy. Eating at your desk can cause all sorts of disasters. A “no eating at your desk” policy helps keep garbage in its proper place and crumbs off the floor and workstation, making it easier for you to tidy your desk at the end of the day and throughout your time spent working.

Have a communal closet, or coat rack to store jackets, to ensure that the desk is not cluttered with unnecessary items.

Consider exploring cord management methods. Tangled chords are quite unpleasant to look at and can be a real mess. Improve the aesthetic of workstations, conference rooms, and collaboration areas and keep employees working efficiently around the office by making cords look neat and tidy.

Modernizing the aesthetic of a workspace is great for overall productivity and for drawing clientele. Even just implementing a few of the suggestions on this list will do wonders for the workspace.