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Top 4 Underrated Features on GoGoPDF, an Online PDF Helper

GoGoPDF is known for its online pdf converters and editing tools. But, let us not forget that it also has other features that assist in providing solutions to any pdf issue you might face. Here are four of the most underrated software on GoGoPDF, an online pdf assistant

Delete Pages in your Document

Removing or disposing of unnecessary items is a relevant but tiring thing to do. Most of us avoid doing it because it takes up a lot of our time, requiring focus and effort. Like in real life, discarding filler portions or irrelevant information in your pdf reports is tedious and time-consuming. But with this site’s first feature, you’ll say yes to deleting in no time.

GoGoPDF has a program that can delete PDF pages before you can even finish saying the title of this article. But in all seriousness, the aptly named feature “Delete PDF Pages” can remove any selected page that you deem redundant in your document. Gone are the days of manually selecting and deleting individual pages from your pdf. With this feature, you can do that without wasting precious time and effort.

Easy Electronic Signature for your PDF

Your signature is one of the most personal things you have that shows your claim on any item or property. You use it for important documents like marriage certificates, land deeds, bank contracts, etc., to show that that is yours and you have responsibility for it. Now, during a time of social distancing, you can’t just go and sign your papers face-to-face, and manually signing it through fax machines and scanners can be tiresome.

Luckily, there is a solution that lets you go around the constraints of protocols and the drawn-out, traditional way of signing documents. GoGoPDF offers a feature that allows you to create and place your electronic signature on a pdf form and send it through email to whoever you’re transacting with.

The eSign PDF function also allows you to make a signature using your initials or upload an image to serve as your signature. The feature can also track the progress of your file if other signatories are needed. When you’re done putting your signature, you can send the form to the others, and once they’ve all signed, you will then be able to download the completed file.

Add Watermark to Show Ownership

Intellectual property is seldom taken seriously by anyone who hasn’t put out their content on the internet. Artists and creators alike are constantly battling people who use their creations without permission and, in some cases, claim that the output was theirs. If you own a document or image you want to be protected from these thieves, you need something that shows your ownership, like bright neon lights.

This is where adding watermarks comes in. Adding these watermarks on your file would clearly show who owns it, and nobody can now claim that document for their own. With GoGoPDF, adding watermarks will be a breeze.

The site will let you choose if you want a text or an image as a watermark. After choosing, you can then position it wherever you want on the document. It would take a couple of minutes to finish, but once it’s done, you can now download your newly watermarked file and share it with the world.

Repair or Restore Dead Files

Have you ever played a video game then forget to save any progress you’ve made so when you die, you go back to the start? If you were able to empathize with this, then you’ll also know the feeling of going back to square one when your pdf file gets corrupted. All your hard work and time, gone and pulverized to dust.

Do not fret if you’re going through a similar issue because there are ways to get your precious data back. The most common solution would be to go to a tech shop and have a specialist have a crack at reviving your damaged document. The downside to this is you’ll have to pay them even if there’s no guarantee that they’ll be able to get your file to work again.

Another way is to use this underrated GoGoPDF feature. The site’s Repair PDF software is similar to what a technician in a comp shop would use, except this one is for free. You’re getting the best of both worlds. You get to have your file back to a working condition and have it all done without paying a single cent.


GoGoPDF is not only just a website for pdf conversions and editing. It also has features that can help you in a variety of ways. The ones listed here are the lesser-known and underappreciated of the bunch. These may be unpopular, but it doesn’t mean that they’re unamazing.

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