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These are the best TicWatch Pro S bands

If you’re thinking about buying the new TicWatch Pro S or you’ve already purchased it, the next step is finding a suitable band. As always, Mobvoi made sure this device would be compatible with interchangeable bands, so you’ll have tons of different options available to you. Whether you want something that’s perfect for high-intensity workouts or something more formal for special occasions, we’ve rounded up some of the best TicWatch Pro S bands for you to choose from.

Colorful greatness

Barton Silicone TicWatch Pro S Band


Staff Pick

If you’re a smartwatch enthusiast and this isn’t your first time searching for the best TicWatch Pro S band, you might be familiar with Barton. They offer a wide range of quality options, including these silicone bands that are durable, stylish, and comfortable. Not to mention that you can choose from a rainbow of colors!

$20 at Amazon

Stay sleek

Aimtel Stainless Steel TicWatch Pro S Band


If you’ve got a formal event to attend, you don’t have to leave your wearable behind. This option from Aimtel is the best TicWatch Pro S band for fancy occasions. The high-performance stainless steel looks good on your wrist while offering the toughness you need in a watch band.

$16 at Amazon

Soft as can be

Lomet Nylon TicWatch Pro S Band


Perhaps one of the softest and most comfortable options is the Lomet nylon band. You’ll appreciate the top-grade woven nylon material that’s light yet durable. This band is a bit different than others, with a unique paste design rather than having a bulky buckle to worry about. You can buy a multi-pack and stock up if you’d like.

$7 at Amazon

Breathe easy

Wonlex Silicone TicWatch Pro S Band


When you’re looking for the best TicWatch Pro S band for breathability, Wonelx breaks the mold. You get a simple yet refined design with skin-friendly material. There are multiple color options to choose from as well. The stainless steel buckle is all about maximum durability and security.

$12 at Amazon

King of class

Ritche Top Grain Leather TicWatch Pro S Band


There isn’t anything quite as classic as a watch with a leather band. This premium Ritche band is made of top grain cowhide leather with a bottom layer that offers reinforced matte lining. You can rest assured that your sense of style will also be soft and breathable with this band. The color options include black, toffee brown, olive, and more.

$18 at Amazon

Thin and lightweight

Lomet Stainless Steel Mesh TicWatch Pro S Band


As you’re probably aware, the TicWatch Pro S is already a pretty big watch, so why not choose a band that’s thin and lightweight? The premium stainless steel mesh material on this band from Lomet is comfortable enough for daily wear. It comes in a wide array of colors, like black, silver, blue, rose gold, and more.

$10 at Amazon

Blended comfort

Barton Canvas TicWatch Pro S Band


Why settle on one material when you can have a blend of two? These Barton cotton canvas bands offer the best of both worlds. You’ll love that the strong yet soft cotton canvas material is machine washable. You never have to worry about a smelly watch band stinking up your wrist. It also has a stainless steel buckle for superior security.

$17 at Amazon

Your skin’s best friend

MoKo Silicone TicWatch Pro S Band


Some people have to be cautious when choosing the best TicWatch Pro S band for their wrists. If you have sensitive skin that tends to react to poor-quality materials, you’ll want to consider the MoKo silicone band. The flexible silicone is made of safe, non-toxic material. You’ll also have a buckle that’s made of hypoallergenic nickel-free stainless steel.

$10 at Amazon

Best TicWatch Pro S bands: Choose a favorite

If you’ve determined that the best Android smartwatch for your needs is the TicWatch Pro S, you might want to make sure you’ve got the best band to go with it. After all, this decision not only affects your style but your comfort level as well. When it comes to a perfect blend of comfort and style, the best TicWatch Pro S band comes from Barton. These silicone bands aren’t just bright and attractive, but they’ll also feel soft and comfortable on your wrist all day long.

Speaking of soft, if you’re a fan of soft material, but silicone isn’t your favorite, you might prefer the Lomet nylon bands. You don’t have to sacrifice durability when you’re seeking a watch band that’s made of soft material. You’ll be happy to know that these TicWatch Pro S bands come in multi-packs as well, so you can collect all your favorite colors and always have a backup ready.

Perhaps you’re looking for a band that will work well for a night out on the town. If so, the Lomet stainless steel mesh band is a fantastic choice. It won’t weigh you down or cause your watch to stand out any more than you want it to. It’s extremely lightweight and comfortable, too. Any of these bands will work, so all that’s left to do is choose your favorite!

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