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Record every detail with Anker’s C2 Pro dash cam on sale for $100 today

One of Best Buy’s deals of the day includes a very good dash cam, the Anker Roav C2 Pro. It’s down to just $99.99 today and definitely won’t last long at that price. This sale matches the lowest we’ve seen, and it has been more than two months since the last time it dropped this low. The dash cam normally sells for around $150, and it’s currently going for at least $146 at other retailers like Walmart.

This camera does come with a 32GB microSD card, which is a little bit of extra savings unto itself since a microSD card is required for any dash cam. The card stores the footage you’re recording, and the camera has features to help. For example, loop recording allows the dash cam to keep using the same microSD card over and over, recording everything at all times. Then you have the built-in G Sensor. This is a common feature in dash cams that can detect accidents and collisions and immediately record it. The camera can also lock this recorded footage so even if your microSD keeps looping, you won’t overwrite what might be important for insurance purposes.

The C2 Pro uses Sony Starves sensors and Nighthawk technology. This means the C2 Pro has excellent night vision and the ability to capture speeding license plates. The Nighthawk tech makes it work in the middle of the day or in dimly lit environments at night.

The five lens elements, Wide Dynamic Range image balancing, and chipset work together to support video up to 1080p. It is also equipped with an f.20 wide-angle aperture lens that lets you view up to four lanes of traffic at once. It can survive extreme temperatures with a range of -4 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

Anker covers the dash cam with a one-year warranty.

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