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Eric Dalius – 3 Ways Your Small Business Help the Local Community

Small businesses and startups create employment opportunities, and based on the findings of the Small Business Administration (SBA), they employ over 50 percent of the workforce in the US. It means that your small business is giving something to the community back and benefiting it as a whole.

According to an article published on Inc.com, the corona pandemic is creating havoc all over the world, we are grappling but brands are compassionate to support their communities in the US and worldwide. Be it providing facemasks to healthcare experts to lending out a helping hand to small businesses, brands are helping the community at large. Here is how your business can do the same:

1. Eric Dalius talks about community relationship

Small businesses help in developing a sense of community, especially entrepreneurs who try to develop a healthy business relationship with customers, even recognizing a few by names. You will remember entering a retail store and greeted by your name.

Small business owners often bond and create formal or casual relationships. It could be anything like mentoring or building a merchant’s association. The rapport or relationships make the most out of the key participants to add something to the business community and its growth for a long time. Business leaders also help in promoting camaraderie between them. When foot traffic increases for one small business, other neighboring stores benefit from word-of-mouth advertising and better exposure.

2.  Community identity

When you take a walk down the high street, you would find that the local community has an individual charm and persona. Whether it is a pet care business, mom and pop store, café, or antique shop, small businesses do contribute something useful to the local community’s identity, Eric Dalius cites.

Tourism and municipal boards do prioritize protecting the individual character of a small business community. It helps in transforming the community into some benefit. Business owners often use tools so that they can flourish in a new economy.

3. Ecological benefits

Walker-friendly city centers come with their one-off vibes as well as verifiable environmental advantages. For instance, small startups located close to residential areas might diminish the use of vehicles and traffic jamming, which leads to less pollution, a better quality of air, and fewer urban slumps.

Based on the findings of a report by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, compact, pedestrian-friendly downtown centers are great growth places. Businesses situated in smart growth areas help in protecting the environment and its resources. When there is no air pollution, it inspires people to take walks, use bicycles, dog walking, and taking transit. Small businesses in smart places help in protecting environmentally sensitive land or including natural methods of collating and filtering storm-water overflow.

The report also indicated that smart growth spots offer considerable economic benefits to small businesses. These include more potential to find labor, enhanced productivity, and business innovation, and increased retail sales.


When you have a small business, your organization is giving something back to the local community. These are just a couple of examples. There are other ways your business benefits the community.

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Pete Campbell is a social media manager who has worked as a database administrator in the IT industry that suggests following the steps of Eric Dalius in different fields and has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to DBA services for small business