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Content Creation Tips from the Best SEO Companies

Publishing relevant and unique content is still an essential aspect of search engine optimization. Google ranks websites with quality content. Users want to find information that matches their needs. If Google doesn’t rank the best content on top, it will turn off the users. Hence, it puts more effort into indexing different websites and guarantees choices with the best content. The best SEO companies Chicago understand the process. They know the right ways to create quality content. Below are some of them.

Identify the ideal client

Before creating quality content, everything starts by determining the client. It’s applicable for any other marketing effort. The business can only attract attention if the potential customers can relate to the content. For instance, articles that appeal to older professionals aren’t the same as what impacts millennials. From the terms used to the presentation of information, everything varies depending on the target audiences.

Match keywords with search intent

It’s also important to determine why the users typed the keyword in the first place. The content should match what the user is looking for. It’s not enough for the content to use correct grammar and quality choices of words. It also helps to present facts and statistics. They help deepen the content and appeal to the audience. However, in some instances, these users look for information to entertain themselves. Therefore, the tone in writing the article should also be different.

Increase brand authority 

Writing articles isn’t only about building links. Sure, guest posting can help in the link-building efforts. However, it’s also an opportunity to convince target audiences that the company is an authority in the industry. The content should show the depth of knowledge that the business has. There should be something unique to it. If the information is readily available in other sources, it won’t help increase brand authority. It’s also why there are only a handful of websites that people trust to provide information on some topics. For instance, when it comes to health and wellness, users already know which website to go to. Establishing authority takes time, and it helps to publish quality and relevant content frequently. The best SEO companies Chicago can provide more tips in producing the best content.

Use quality visuals

It’s not enough to publish articles about different topics. Every post should have a quality visual. If the content is too long, two or more pictures will help. The goal is to lighten the mood and helps readers visualize the content. It’s also an opportunity to advertise the product. The images may depict models using the products and services. Ditch stock images since they don’t do anything to convince people to buy the products. They are generic photos that appeal to no one. Even if they’re free to use, they’re not the best options.

Apart from pictures, infographics can also be part of the visuals. They’re even better since they add more value to the content. Not everyone reads articles. Sometimes, a 500-word article can take at least five minutes to read. If the user can absorb the same information by looking at the infographics, it’s useful enough.

Use different approaches

Apart from text and infographics, the business can also consider the use of videos. Again, the content should be as diverse as possible. If the goal is to become an authority in the industry, it’s not enough to use a single approach. Videos, for instance, are more appealing to younger audiences. They are also perfect for people who don’t have sufficient time to read a long article. Some videos can provide full details within 2 to 3 minutes. However, it’s not easy to create video content. It requires creativity and knowledge on the subject. There are also plenty of videos for people to absorb. They should have a reason to click on it and watch until the end.

Ask for help from the best SEO companies

Determining how to publish quality content might be challenging. It’s even worse if the company already produced tons of content over the years. Coming up with something new can be a daunting task. The good thing is that there are experts like the best SEO companies Chicago who can provide help. They know a lot about search engine optimization, and they understand the target audiences. Some of them even worked with companies targeting the same people. Working with these experts will make the job easier. It also allows the small business to be more competitive, especially against more established brands.

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