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A Stunning Collection Of Watches For The Ladies By Marc Jacobs

Watches are not all about men because the ladies also deserve the best high-quality ones. Gone were those days where ladies are treated like maids by their husbands that all they have to do is stay at home and do the household chores. Now, millions of independent women and career-driven are very successful with what they are doing.

These ladies deserve the best watches in the market, luxury, stunning and elegant ones they can wear with pride. One of these brands of watches is the famous Marc Jacobs. Watch enthusiast knows Marc Jacobs as the designer watch. They have an exquisite and stunning collection of watches for all the ladies of different ages. Here is one of their new collections.

The Marc By Marc Jacobs – MBM3415

This wristwatch is one of the Marc Jacobs Watch newest released models created just for the ladies. It has a sophisticated look with a feminine style that would fit perfectly in any woman. This timepiece is an excellent pair of accessories for business attires and casual ones.

It has a stainless steel type of case in black color with a transparent outer back in black. The case’s size is only 36 mm, which is ideal for a female’s wrist. The timepiece’s dial is black with an outer dial with white pearl color where you can find the word, Marc. It has no hour markers, but it has a combination of black and silver hand markers.

The stylish look of its dial makes watch enthusiasts distinguish its brand more quickly than others. The bracelet of the timepiece complements its black stainless steel case making it more sophisticated. Aside from its elegant look, this watch has a water-resistant feature of 50 meters.

The Marc By Marc Jacobs – MBM3192

This MBM3192 model is considered one of Marc’s luxury-looking watches by Marc Jacobs collection entirely created for the ladies. The dominant rose gold color of the watch fits perfectly to any woman’s wrist during any occasion, whether it is a formal or casual event.

It has a rose gold dial with Marc Jacobs as its hour markers and a thin stick-style hand and minute markers. The dial of this timepiece is surrounded by a rose gold bezel decorated with tiny crystals.

 The bracelet and the case of this elegant watch are made from stainless steel material in a rose gold-tone.  This fashionable timepiece is not all about elegance and class because it has a water-resistant feature of 50 meters.

The Marc By Marc Jacobs – MBM2553

This timepiece has a combination of a sporty style with an elegant one. It is considered as one of the latest models of Marc Jacobs just for the ladies. This watch is ideal for any corporate-looking attires and casual ones. The combination of its gold and black makes the watch looks sophisticated and bossy.

It has a black dial with three subdials in the middle that indicates minutes, seconds, and hour. The timepiece also has a date indicator located between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock.  Arabic numerals inspire the watch’s hour markers, and it is colored in rose gold-tone same with its hand markers.

Its case is made from stainless steel material in a rose-gold tone in 40 mm diameter size, round shape. The straps of the watch are made from silicone material with a combination of stainless steel. It has water-resistant by 30 meters.

The Marc By Marc Jacobs – MBM3363

This MBM3363 model is one of the new models released by Marc Jacobs that would fit any woman’s taste when it comes to a luxury-looking watch. This timepiece’s elegant and classy look is a perfect pair of accessories for any corporate-looking attire and in any casual attires. It has a champagne dial with a small sundial in the middle, indicating its minutes.

The Marc Jacobs name inspires the hour marker indexes, and it has thin hand markers in gold-tone, making it stand out from its champagne dial. The 36 mm solid case of this watch is made of stainless steel material in gold-tone, together with its bracelet. Besides its elegant look, the watch has a water-resistant feature of 50 meters.


The Marc by Marc Jacobs is one of the elegant watches that are entirely created just for the ladies. They have various designs of watches that would fit any woman’s preference and personality. Their watches are not that expensive, they have a reasonable price, and they are made from quality materials. Their watches would make the best gift for your lady.

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