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6 Reasons User Experience is Critical for SEO

We all know about the importance of SEO in the digital marketing industry. It is when you optimize your online content, whether it is a blog, an article, or a webpage, in a way that ensures it shows up as one of the top results on a search engine. That is possible via specific keywords, meta descriptions, as well as title tags. The more times the keyword searched is included in the content, and the more relevant the meta description and title tag is, the more likely it is for your website to stand out amongst the rest.

How SEO Works

Modern-day search engines are so advanced that they have a mind of their own. Not only do they learn from their own mistakes and hence ensure they are never repeated, but they also learn and figure out whether or not websites ranked on top are even relevant to the queries the user is searching up.

This has become quite imperative considering the internet is crowded with more than 1.74 billion websites. This is where user experience enters the picture, a crucial metric for search engine optimization. Despite what many believe, artificial intelligence is not like that of science fiction movies; it is unable to think conscious thoughts on its own. However, it does learn by analyzing data, identifying patterns, and make calculated decisions with minimal intervention from humans. By utilizing machine learning, the search engine figures out the quality of websites with the help of their user’s experience, and therefore allows relevant websites to stand out in the vast sea of the internet.

Incorporating Keywords Alone Is No Longer Enough

In the past, it was fairly easy for online webpages to rank on top of Google via spamming or gaming the algorithm. Webpages having poor user experiences for the general consumers showed up on top, causing Google’s standards to drop. That was a big problem since the search engine dominates the search engine market with an 80-90% market share. That is why Google now aims to rank websites by figuring out which one has a better user experience.

Since user experience refers to just about any interaction the user has with the content, website developers must design their content by considering all elements involved in molding the user experience. The users’ ease and comfort in completing their tasks is the key to success. If they are not satisfied with your content, how it is displayed or how your interface is, your website will never stand out.

The user experience criteria which search engines consider includes many aspects, amongst which a few are:

  • Loading-speed and responsiveness, i.e. how quickly the webpages load
  • Mobile-friendliness, i.e. whether or not they have browser versions for mobile; and
  • Visual stability

Search engines now increasingly focus on matching the searcher with content relevant to their liking by keeping a record of all their previous searches and what they like to consume generally.

How A Human-Centred Approach Will Ensure You Stay on Top

Are you still unsure why prioritizing user experience is critical for your success? Then read the following 6 reasons we have outlined for you below.

1. It Will Increase Your Traffic

If users feel comfortable on your website and can navigate it with ease, then generating traffic will become a piece of cake. If they enjoy your interface and design and find it convenient, they are not only more likely to visit again but will also share your content with others, further attracting visitors to view your content.

2. It Allows for Mobile Friendliness

Not everyone is using their laptops or computers all the time in the day and age of smartphones and tablets. By ensuring your website is mobile responsive, you will be able to capture more audience to view your content, as more web users will be able to navigate your website with ease while on the go.

3. Enhances Your Business Leads

When you invest in an effective and efficient user experience design, you make sure it is easy for your consumers to make purchasing decisions on your website without any hurdles putting them off. Ultimately, you want to generate traffic but increase revenue over time too, and focusing on user experience will do exactly that.

4. Site Usability Gives Users Freedom

With an effective user experience design that provides multiple options to give users the freedom to choose whatever action they want, users will find the information they need in the right places. In other words, they will not have difficulty in looking for exactly what they need. If your users feel like they are in the right place because they can take the action they want to, your website will automatically rank higher.

5. Increases Your Credibility

At the end of the day, your website is as good as it is credible. If you focus on improving the user’s experience, they will eventually learn to trust and depend on your website. With top-quality content, easy and simple navigation, browser consistency, fast loading time, and mobile responsiveness, you will experience no difficulty attracting traffic, making sales, and generating leads.

6. A More Effective Form of SEO

User experience is highly regarded amongst various search engines, and therefore if your website is engaging, it will automatically rank higher, whether it is Google or Bing, due to the higher dwell time. The longer users stay on your website, the more your website is analyzed to be top quality.

If the most dominant search engine of the market values user experience above all else, then it is high time that you do too. The success of your website and online business pretty much depends on it. Satisfying your customer by giving them what they are looking for with ease should be your primary goal.

Our SEO Calgary Experts have a combined experience of over 20 years in the Industry.

Not only should you make your website more aesthetic, but also easier to use. Hire professionals if you do not have the experience or skill to do it yourself, but get it done one way or another. You will witness an increase in your conversions, web traffic, and lead times instantly when you invest in a responsive user experience that fits the SEO principles. Remember, it is best to focus on quality and keep it simple.

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