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Treblab HD Max Bluetooth Speaker review


Treblab has been making quality audio devices for years now with the brand becoming a popular pick of online marketplaces like Amazon. The company’s latest offering is the Treblab HD Max wireless speaker. After time with the device I have come away impressed.

Rugged Design

The first thing you’ll notice when taking the Treblab HD Max speaker out of the box is that it is built like a tank. The unit weighs in at around six pounds and comes with its own carrying strap. I don’t think this is a bad thing though.

Treblab intends for the HD Max to be used in some rigorous environments and has built it accordingly. The casing is a nice mix of thick soft-touch rubbers and nylon which leads to a speaker that really feels like it belongs in a Jeep Wrangler.

To further this, Treblab has made sure the HD Max speaker meets the IPX6 water resistance rating as well. This truly makes the audio device capable to withstand a common house party or a week in the wilderness.

The button layout is pretty standard with a volume up, play/pause, volume down, and power. It does have a microphone for taking phone calls if you’d like but I haven’t found a button to launch Google Assistant.

Booming sound

Looking the part is one thing, but how does the Treblab HD Max perform as a boombox? Very well. This speaker will not disappoint. The unit has a punchy bass and rich audio playback balance. It immediately became the best speaker in my house.

This is all understandable with a 50W speaker and four drivers powering the audio. There’s also a passive subwoofer on board. Overall, the sound is crisp, rich, and loud enough to fill any room without distortion.

There are also three different playback modes that try to auto-equalize the audio based on surroundings. Indoor gives you the best balance of mids, highs, and bass for the richest playback option. Bass Boost is pretty self-explanatory and pumps up the boom for punchy music. Finally, Outdoor seems to tamper things for a more natural balance that carries more in an open space.

Battery life

Another great feature of the Treblab HD Max is the built-in 12000mAh battery pack. With this powerbank you can enjoy up to 20 straight hours of playback at 30 percent volume and five hours at 100 percent.

Not only can you power the speaker, but the USB-A 2.0 pass-through will also charge your other mobile devices while on the go. Both charging external devices and recharging the HD Max via USB-C only charges at 5-volts.

I found battery life and charging to be on point with the manual. You get standard 5-volt rates on smartphones and topping off the Treblab HD Max takes about 5 hours to get back to 100 percent.

Stereo audio is an option

You can even pair two HD Max speakers together in stereo mode to add more robust audio to your mix. Once you’ve set up the first speaker with your phone, you simply turn it off and start the sequence over.

Power on both speakers. Double-clicking the power button on the initial device should get a blue and green flashing indicator. Then place each speaker close to one another. A soft pairing tone should sound and you’ve successfully got both speakers working in unison.


I’m usually not a huge Bluetooth speaker guy. I much prefer WiFi solutions like Chromecast, but Treblab has a great package in the HD Max. This utilitarian monster has amazing sound, a durable build, and a bottle opener!

The Treblab HD Max is available now on Amazon now for $170. While that’s a bit much for a speaker, it’s totally worth it with this one. Oh, and if you add our code HDOFF10NOW you’ll get 10% off your purchase.

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