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Did it ever happen while having a conversation? There comes the point where you can’t finish a sentence because you couldn’t find the right word for it?

Not surprisingly, it happens to everybody.

Conversations hold a very significant role in our everyday life; however, a good talk is looked upon by the quality of its words.

The right understanding of words not only leaves a better impression but also establishes a healthy human relationship.

Sadly, not everyone is a walking lexicon; however, there are fun ways to learn words and never get short of them.

Yes! You guessed it right.

Games are the escape route from traditional learning. There are numerous games available on your android devices that can fill the void without making the learning process exhaustive.

Who doesn’t like playing games? Be it in between the classes or when we are lazing around, playing games on the phone has been our favorite pastime. But, won’t it be more interesting if this pastime turns out to be something productive, something which not only gives you a fun ride but open opportunities for learning and strengthening your skills? If you’d like to play iOS games on your PC, use this link. Here are 6 Word Games for android, which you can play for free and learn new vocabulary, increase your concentration, enhance your presence of mind, and gain knowledge.

1.  wordscapes

Mode: Single Player

With approx. Eighty-five million downloads worldwide, Wordscapes is a favorite amongst the logophiles or all the word nerds out there, who love juggling with words. This game is an ‘escape’ to the world of words set against a soothing backdrop of mountains and beaches where you would want to get lost. The game consists of cross grids consisting of different alphabets, which need to be arranged into meaningful words, and the goal is not to make as many words. Rather it aims at completing the words. The player can always request a hint in need, and it is a favorite amongst the beginners.


Mode: Single Player/ Multiplayer

Who doesn’t like challenges? Word with Friends 2 comes with exciting new challenges for the players who need to form the longest word that makes sense from the alphabets given. Players can opt for Solo challenges to play against fictional characters and are updated with new themes and challenges every month. The team-based Lightning Rounds make the game more fun with fast and competitive challenges. Personalized Daily Goals with enhanced and Progress Maps make the game a little more personal to the player and his quest for words and develop one’s concentration and presence of mind.


Mode: Single Player

It’s a Race against Time. Sounds interesting? Doesn’t it? This game revolves around the usage of only four alphabets, and once these are formed into a word, the player gets a time extension and gets a refreshed alphabet set. Though the game seems to be simple, forming words on a whiteboard on a pastel background, it is surprisingly tricky with the timer’s continuous presence, thus challenging the player to be as fast as possible. The game even provides stats for the players giving insight into how many games the player played, speed, average scores, and a dictionary of completion of words.


Mode: Single Player

One clue for the entire puzzle! Now that is what you call challenging. A completed crossword is broken into bits and pieces and spread across the screen. These tiny clusters of alphabets are to be manipulated to form the complete crossword again. The complexity of the game goes up as the level increases. The daily puzzles keep the players hooked to the game for quite some time. The players can even create their puzzles.


Mode: Single Player

Based on the theme of bears and their armies, this game comprises random alphabet sets, which, when arranged into meaningful words, contribute to the bear’s growth. Coming out as the successor to the much successful Alphabear, this game is quite fun in its way. As you score higher, bears can be added to your permanent collection. These bears come with additional benefits such as increase/ decrease the frequency at which letters appear, extend the timer, and many more, which you can use in future games. A smart dictionary in the game helps the player in improving his English and in a fun way.


Mode: Single Player

Unique in its way, Typochondria is a game of misspellings. The player has to solve the puzzle by identifying the misspelled words in a sentence displayed on the screen. The game gives you the position of a book editor as one goes on a hunt for the misspellings across different genres such as Crime, Sci-Fi, Romance, and Non- Fiction with global scoreboard as well as multiple game modes, such as Zen mode, which you can play for long and Challenge mode which tests your skills. Each of the genres has a unique vocabulary with differently structured sentences as well as jumbled sentences. This game will make you use your existing knowledge of grammar and enhance it to the fullest.