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These are the best heavy duty cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21


We’re big proponents of slapping a case on your smartphone in order to protect it, but some cases just aren’t up to snuff. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best heavy-duty cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 so you can keep your flagship safe and protected from the elements and your own clumsiness.

Thick skinned

ArmadilloTek Vanguard Case


Staff Pick

The ArmadilloTek Vanguard series has earned a reputation for providing maximum protection to your smartphone. Its dual-layered system is MIL-STE 810G-certified to withstand drops up to 20 feet, and its industrial design will scare off even the most stubborn scratches. Even though it’s a bit thick, you can still take advantage of wireless charging and NFC payments with it on. Plus, it features a built-in kickstand so that you can prop it up and enjoy content without having to hold it in your hands.

From $19 at Amazon

In Denali

Gear4 Denali Case


The Gear4 Denali features reinforced D30 material for enhanced durability and shock protection. Its non-slip textured finish provides extra grip and adds an interesting visual element to the case. The case’s interior is a bright orange, and orange highlights continue on the exterior of the case. The case also features a RepelFlex antimicrobial treatment, which protects against odor and disease-causing germs.

$44 at Amazon

A subtle lip

Foluu Aluminum Metal Shockproof Case


Not only does this case wrap your Galaxy S21 up tight to protect it from accidental drops or scratches, but it features a raised lip around the screen for additional coverage. It keeps dust and lint from getting in the case and causing micro-abrasions on the phone, and it also comes with a hole that you can attach a lanyard to, so you don’t leave your phone behind or misplace it.

$26 at Amazon

Industrial aggressive

Samsung Rugged Protective Case


This rough and tumble first-party case pulls double-duty, as it not only protects your S21 from falls but can prop the phone up for hands-free viewing thanks to its integrated kickstand. The sides have a ribbed tactility that makes it easy to keep a hold of your S21, but if you drop it, it is certified at MIL-STD 810G for drops.

$40 at Samsung
$40 at Amazon

Military-grade civilian

Urban Armor Gear Civilian Case


Urban Armor Gear is another premier case manufacturer with a reputation for thick, bulky protective cases, but that’s not quite what you get here with the Civilian model. Sure, the HyberCrush technology is great at protecting your S21 from impacts or drops, but it’s still a relatively slim, lightweight, and low-profile case that anyone would enjoy using.

$50 at Amazon
$40 at Best Buy

Shock and awe

Niter Rugged Shield Case


The Niter Rugged Shield case is one of the most low-profile heavy-duty cases we’ve found for the Galaxy S21, but that doesn’t mean that it’s one of the least protective. Its combination of a hard outer TPU shell with soft inner TPU lining gives it a one-two punch, and its textured surface and PMAG style ribs make for a grippable phone you’re not likely to drop easily. It’s available in black, blue, silver, and a really cool army green.

$13 at Amazon

Subtle and strong

Sucnakp Shock Absorption Case


This one-piece case is made of a sturdy, shockproof TPU and is textured and contoured to make it easy to grip. The case is fingerprint resistant and is one of the sleekest heavy-duty options we’ve seen. All of the buttons and cutouts are precision-crafted, and the case is backed by a one-year full refund.

$8 at Amazon

Clearly the case

Samsung Clear Protective Case


First-party cases are often our favorites because they are generally made to a very high standard (often reflected in their prices). This Clear Protective case from Samsung is no different, offering great impact protection and the ability to see the colors of your S21. It also has a built-in lanyard holder and fabulously grippy side rails to help you avoid dropping your prized possession.

$40 at Samsung
$40 at Amazon (Black)
$40 at Amazon (White)

A tough standard

Otterbox Defender Case


Otterbox has made a name for itself as the go-to for heavy-duty phone cases, and the Defender series is one of it’s toughest yet. Not only is it durable, but the case incorporates an antimicrobial additive that inhibits bacterial growth. It’s also made of 50% recycled materials, so you can feel a little better about the relative environmental impact of your purchase.

$63 at Amazon

Low cost, high protection

Spigen Rugged Armor Case


Most of Spigen’s excellent and affordable phone cases are slim, lightweight, and low profile, so it may surprise you that they are also pretty darn tough too. The Rugged Armor has a flexible TPU shell with Spigen’s Air Cushion technology to provide maximum protection. The buttons are clicky, and the back has a really nice, subtle texture that looks and feels great and makes it more difficult to drop.

$14 at Amazon

A nice ring to it

Rebex Ring Case


This case provides dual-layer protection with a thick, durable outer shell, but there’s even more to it than that. You also get a handy, built-in ring grip on the back side, so you can hold your phone without fear of dropping it (no extra PopSocket required!). Additionally, that back panel is magnetic, which means that it can adhere to magnetic car mounts to stay securely in place while you’re driving.

$10 at Amazon

Security you can see

Restoo Case


This tough case looks a bit more traditional than some others on this list, but it has some extra protection built-in. All four corners and the camera housing area are reinforced with raised TPU edges to cushion from accidental drops, and the back panel is made of anti-slip material to help it stay in your hands. While the main part of the back panel is clear, you can choose from different colored trims like blue, black, purple, and red.

$17 at Amazon

These are the best heavy-duty Galaxy S21 cases

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is definitely one of the best Android phones of 2021, with high-end specs and high-end style to match. However, sometimes the most premium phones are also the most fragile. If you’re going to shell out nearly four figures on a new device, don’t you want to make sure it is as protected as possible?

When it comes to heavy-duty cases for the Galaxy S21, our favorite has to be the ArmadilloTek Vanguard. The case itself is built like a tank, and it features a built-in kickstand for an enjoyable multimedia experience. If that case is a bit too bulky for your tastes, consider a more slim yet still protective option like the Niter Rugged Shield or the Sucnakp Shock Absorption.

Whichever option you decide on, make sure it’s one of the best Samsung Galaxy S21 cases from our Android Central roundups. We’ll be updating our S21 case roundups frequently, so be sure to check back for even more great options!

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