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These are the best heavy duty cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus


The Galaxy S21+ is in the sweet spot in Samsung’s new lineup of flagship smartphones. As nice as the device is, though, if you want to keep it looking sweet, you’re going to need a protective case. Here are the best heavy-duty cases that we could find for the Samsung Galaxy S21+. Which one is going to grace your Galaxy S21+?

Best in class

ArmadilloTek Vanguard


Staff Pick

It seems that we always have an ArmadilloTek case on our roundups these days, and that’s for a good reason — the case manufacturer knows how to protect your smartphone. The Vanguard series is rated for twice the military drop-test standards, but it’s thin enough to allow for wireless charging and NFC payments. Plus, it comes with a built-in kickstand. In addition to the matte black version, you can also find a bright, vibrant orange option.

From $19 at Amazon

First-party strong

Samsung Rugged Protective Case


If you like your industrial cases from the first-party manufacturer, you might want to consider this option from Samsung. It is available in silver or a striking black and features a detachable built-in kickstand. It also has grippy groves on the back and textured side rails to prevent it from slipping out of your hand.

$40 at Samsung
$40 at Amazon

Industrial chic



This case is one of the more stylish that we’ve seen in the heavy-duty category. Not only is it resistant to bumps, dings, drops, and scratches, but it has a Tron meets Robocop aesthetic that we can get behind. If basic black or simple silver isn’t your thing, the case is also available in beautiful blue, pretty pink, ravishing red, or bold gold.

$9 at Amazon

Tough as nails

Urban Armor Gear Monarch Case


The Urban Armor Gear Monarch floats like a butterfly because it’s so lightweight, but that doesn’t mean it can’t take a hit. It features five layers of protection in its frame, core, leather and polycarbonate plates, and an alloy metal frame. It is drop tested at twice the military standard, and it has clicky, tactile buttons.

$60 at Amazon
$45 at Best Buy

Guardian of your Galaxy

Sucnakp Heavy Duty Rugged Shield Case


This case certainly won’t stand out, but it also won’t distract from the beauty of your S21+. It’s made of heavy-duty, shockproof TPU, and the banding on the back panel makes it easier to grip the large device. The case fits snugly and assures that your phone won’t move around or fall out.

From $8 at Amazon

Clear cushioning

Samsung Clear Protective Case


If you opt for one of the more colorful S21+ options like violet or pink, you probably want to show it off to the world. Thankfully, Samsung makes an excellent first-party clear case that lets your colors shine through while letting you hold on to it extra tightly thanks to grippy sides and a built-in lanyard holder.

$40 at Samsung
$40 at Amazon

Grippy Galaxy

Gear4 Denali Case


Protect your S21+ in understated style with the Gear4 Denali. The interesting and intricate textured pattern on the rear of the case makes a statement without standing out and gives you all the grip you need to keep the phone from dropping. The D30 material is drop-rated for 5 meters of protection.

$44 at Amazon

Lock box

Otterbox Defender Case


Otterbox cases are legendary for their toughness against accidental drops and falls, but this latest version of the popular Defender series is also quite adept at protecting against smaller threats like germs and bacteria. Its rugged construction incorporates a silver-based antimicrobial additive that inhibits bacterial growth. This case takes care of you and your S21+!

$60 at Best Buuy

Speed racer

PUROOM Carbon Fiber Leather Hybrid Case


If you’re looking for a heavy-duty case that is both stylish and lightweight, this is the one to get. It’s made of a combination of carbon fiber and leather and sports a fun racing stripe down the back. It’s available in a vibrant neon yellow (our favorite), as well as red and blue. You’re sure to turn a few heads with this protective package for your S21+.

$14 at Amazon

Foolproof protection

Foluu Aluminum Metal Shockproof Case


This case gives our Spidey-senses a tingle, with its webbed pattern on the back and red coloring. It features a large, raised edge on the front to protect the display and a metal bumper protecting its anti-shake rubber silicone cradle. If red isn’t your thing, it also comes in black or blue.

$28 at Amazon

Efficient and effective

Spigen Rugged Armor


This case is one of the thinnest and lightest heavy-duty cases around. It’s comfortable to hold in hand and slips easily in and out of pockets and purses. The buttons remain tactile and click, and Spigen’s Air Cushion technology protects your S21+ from any accidental drops or bumps that you might have.

$13 at Amazon

These are the best heavy-duty cases for the Galaxy S21+

If you are lucky enough to rock a hot new Samsung Galaxy S21+ smartphone, you’re going to want to take care of it with a heavy-duty protective case. After all, we’re talking about one of the best Android phones on the market; you don’t want to mess around with something this nice!

Once again, we really like the build quality and features of the ArmadilloTek Vanguard case, but we also recognize that that look isn’t for everybody. We are fans of the industrial-chic look of the FTRONGRTcase, as well as the sporty PUROOM Carbon Fiber Leather Hybrid option.

If you are looking for a slimmer option for those times you don’t need ultimate protection, be sure to check out our roundup of the best Samsung Galaxy S21 cases. We are continuously updating these lists with the newest options and prices to help you make the best purchase decision.

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