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The Microsoft Surface Duo is expected to receive Android 11 ‘this summer’



The Surface Duo could get Android 11 just before Android 12 is expected to launch.

What you need to know

  • The Microsoft Surface Duo is tipped to receive Android 11 this summer.
  • Microsoft has committed to monthly updates to the Surface Duo, although has already experienced some gaps.
  • The Surface Duo has dropped its price in the U.S. to just $999 and is expected to expand to more markets this month.

The Microsoft Surface Duo is no doubt one of the more interesting smartphones to come out of 2020, with its slim design and dual-screen approach to a fairly lightweight version of Android. Yet despite all it had going for it, the software experience hasn’t been perfect, and Microsoft committed to monthly updates to improve the security and experience of the device. Despite some hiccups, the company has largely stuck to its promise, but the real question is around Android 11 and when Microsoft was planning to make the update available.

Dr. Windows has stated (via Windows Central) that the Surface Duo is expected to receive Android 11 this summer, based on an internal briefing with the Surface Duo team. He also mentioned that both Google and Microsoft are working closely together to improve Android’s support for dual-screen devices.

Surface Duo owners may be disappointed have to wait so long for Android 11 on this $1000 smartphone, given Microsoft’s supposedly close relationship with Google, but keep in mind that the device is powered by a two-year-old chipset that the company likely has to optimize, in addition to the dual-screen experience. It seems that the work Google and Microsoft are doing to improve dual-screen support in Android is requiring additional development time, but could eventually benefit other OEMs down the road.

Still, the prospect of getting Android 11 on the Surface Duo is exciting in that it should come with enhanced support for dual-screen devices and could help improve the software experience. It can also give new Surface Duo owners something to look forward to when the device expands to international markets this month, as Microsoft still seems quite committed to further developing the experience. And for those of you interested in purchasing the device, be sure to protect your investment with one of the best Microsoft Surface Duo cases.

Given the lack of a definitive date, the Android 11 could arrive sometime between June and September, although Microsoft could still announce update details at a later date.

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