Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Save big on these best-selling online training courses for coding


What was your resolution for 2021? Was it to be a better person? Learn a new skill? Change your career? How are you doing with it so far?

If learning to code is something you’ve ever considered, we’ve got you covered. Head to the AG Deals Store today and you’ll find a number of great online training bundles designed to help teach you a coding language.

We’ve collected a handful of the most popular options in our storefront, all of which are offered at incredible prices.

The Complete 2021 Python Programming Certification Bundle

Strengthen Your Programming Career & Up Your Earning Potential with 12 Courses on the World’s Leading Programming Language $50

The Premium Learn to Code 2021 Certification Bundle

Amp Up Your Programming Skill Set with 270+ Hours of Content on the Leading Coding Languages — Taught by Top-Rated Instructors Ft. Rob Percival, Nick Walter, & More! $60

The Complete R Programming Certification Bundle

Take a Deep Dive Into One of Today’s Most Important Data Wrangling & Visualization Concepts in 35 Hours of Training $29

The Complete C# Programming Bundle: Lifetime Access

This 7-Course Collection Is Your Fast Track to Creating Apps & Games with C# $29

The C++ Programming Bundle: Beginner to Expert

Become an Ultimate Pro in the C++ Language with 47 Hours of Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced-Level Programming Instruction $15

The 2021 Java Bootcamp Bundle

Develop Expertise on the Leading Programming Language & Create Actual Programs with 10 Hours of Content on Java Fundamentals, Collections, Classes, and More $36

Learn Google Go – Golang Programming for Beginners

Diversify Your Coding Skill Set with This Open Source Language Developed (And Used) by Google $15

Kotlin for Android: Beginner to Advanced

Master Programming Essentials & Create a Slack Clone with This Kotlin Crash Course $19

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