Sunday, June 16, 2024

Samsung is bringing Galaxy S21 features to older phones starting today


Samsung has been steadily rolling out Android 11 in the form of One UI 3.0, but it’s already on to the next release: One UI 3.1. The new operating system update is now heading to a number of last-generation Samsung phones, and essentially brings some key Galaxy S21 features to older devices.

The update is now rolling out to the Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy Note 20 series, Galaxy Z Fold 2, and Galaxy Z Flip. It’s currently unclear if all variants of those phones are getting the update — for example, the Galaxy S20 FE may not receive it for a while.

The features included in One UI 3.1 aren’t going to completely change how these phones are used, but they definitely could come in handy for many users. Notable among the new features is Enhanced Single Take mode in the camera, which allows users to capture a variety of photos using different settings and cameras at once, then select the best of those images. We’ve found the new Single Take to be a considerable upgrade from the first iteration.

When you’re done taking the photo, users will also now be able to take advantage of the new Object Eraser tool. This tool can intelligently cut out objects in an image that you don’t want, without you having to manually edit those objects out. Also being brought to older Galaxy phones is the new Multi Mic Recording tool, which allows users to record audio both through the microphone in the device itself and through a connected Bluetooth device. This should help make for better-sounding video.

Then there’s Eye Comfort Shield. This feature essentially adjusts the blue light being emitted by the display depending on the time of day. The theory here is that too much blue light at night can impact sleep. It’s a feature we’ve seen in all sorts of phones, and Samsung’s had various versions of it in past software iterations.

Last but not least is Private Share, which is aimed at helping users more easily control which content of theirs is shared, and who it’s shared with. The feature “securely encrypts” files when they’re shared, and allows users to set permissions and expiration dates for the sharing of the data.

One UI 3.1 is now rolling out, but availability on your device may depend on your region and carrier. If you don’t get it right away, be patient — it’ll get to you soon.

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