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Sairento VR on PSVR celebrates its biggest update ever with a big sale


Any way you slice it, this is the biggest update the game has ever seen.


What you need to know

  • Sairento VR for PSVR gets a huge bumper update with 10 new maps and five new weapons.
  • This brings the game up to par with other platforms you can find the game on, content-wise.
  • Sairento VR for PSVR is on sale for 63% off until February 18, 2021.

The self-described VR cyber-ninja simulator just got a massive update for PlayStation VR, bringing it up to date with other platforms the game has launched on. Developer Mixed Realms posted on its blog that the team has been hard at work on this update for the PSVR version, which had been delayed a bit due to COVID-19. The game regularly makes our list of best shooting games on any VR platform. You might also want to pick up a few green lights from our best PlayStation VR accessories guide to help with PSVR tracking; they really will make a difference in a game like Sairento!

The Sairento VR PSVR bumper update adds in a total of 10 new maps to play on: Cave, Depot, Marine Outpost, Research Lab, Roof Top, Sanctuary, Slum, Suburb, Subway, and Training Hall. It also adds in five new weapons: Apocalypse Shotgun, Disintegrator Laser Rifle, Figment SMG, IRM-3000 Missile Launcher, and Nobunaga Grenade Launcher. There are also a ton of performance enhancements, optimizations, and bug fixes included, many of which make multiplayer an even better experience than before.

To celebrate this huge update, developer Mixed Realms has Sairento VR for PSVR on sale for 63% off, making it $15 on the PlayStation Store. The game is also available on Steam, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest platforms for varying prices. Sairento VR originally saw a release on PSVR in August 2019 and features the full single-player and multiplayer modes that gamers have come to know and love from the original PC VR version of the game. The PSVR version includes the Weapons DLC from the PC version, making this $15 sale a particularly excellent value.

Sairento’s overall theme revolves around a reimagined Japan in the near future, filled with cyborg ninjas and other futuristic visions of ancient Japan. The single-player campaign lasts several hours, while the multiplayer component can add even more replayability to that. This is very much skills-based game, so getting plenty of hours under your belt in the single-player is a really good idea before diving into the realm of multiplayer. Players will find themselves not just slicing and dicing enemies, but also parkouring in ways they didn’t think possible before, performing backflips and other acrobatic moves, and even blocking bullets with their katanas in slow-mo bullet-time.


A story-driven cyber-ninja adventure

Sairento VR


$38 at PlayStation
$30 at Greenman Gaming
$20 at Oculus

A unique look at the future mixed with the past

Sairento will have you seeing visions of the past in a new, futuristic light while you backflip and parkour to dispatch your enemies.

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