Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Raptic Rise Headphone Stand review


If you’ve ever purchased a quality pair of over-ear headphones, you surely know how nice it is to have them on display. If not just because it’s easier to grab them, it’s also fun to show them off. Keeping headphones in a box or carrying pouch is cool and all, but hanging them in plain sight is better.

The Raptic Rise Headphones Stand, priced about $70, is not only a solidly-build unit for holding your headphones, but it also has a base for wireless charging, too. Indeed, it’s a great multifunction device that begs to sit on your desk or night stand.

When it’s time to charge your phone, or simply put it aside for work, place it on the wireless charging pad. It will juice your device to the tune of 12W, or pretty damn fast for cord-free charging.


There’s also a USB-A port in the base which lets you plug in your headphones. Or, if you’ve got a Nintendo Switch or some other portable gadget, plug it directly in and draw power.

Standout Features

  • Solid machined aluminum for durability
  • Base pad provides 12W Qi for wireless device charging
  • USB-A port for headphone charging
  • Cable management system on bottom to coil access wires
  • Sleek modern design

Bottom Line

If you’re in the market for a stand for your best headphones, you’d be wise to grab one that pulls double or triple duty. The Raptic Rise is built from premium materials and has a clean, modern design that looks at home in any environment.

Where to Buy the Raptic Rise Headphone Stand

As of the time of publishing this review, the Raptic Rise Headphone Stand can be purchased for about $70.

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