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Population: One Season One ignites a 10-week Uprising later this month


Rise up to the challenge in the first of many seasons planned for Population: One.


What you need to know

  • Population: One is getting its first content season called Uprising, beginning this month and lasting 10-weeks.
  • Uprising will introduce new weapons, map updates, and a ton of additional to-be-announced content.
  • Seeker Credits can be gifted to other players to help unlock content.
  • Players will finally be able to create private servers later in the season.

Population: One is set to begin its first season, called Uprising, this month. The 10-week-long marathon dwarfs other Population: One events, which often lasted just 10-days at a time. In a similar fashion to other events, though, Population: One Season One “Uprising” delivers new items for players to battle it out, beginning with the close-quarters melee knife, undoubtedly brought on by the “special guest” that was unleashed in the previous event, Darkest Days for Population: One. Developer Big Box VR points out that Season One is considerably larger than a normal event, so even veteran players will be surprised at what’s to come!

As the name of the season suggests, Uprising is the beginning of an uprising against the Bureau — the megacorporation that controls the near future in the game — fought by the Seekers. Throughout the 10-week time span, players will find that the map changes as the uprising takes place, culminating in the entry of the mysterious tower. Seeker Credits, a new in-game earned currency, can be gifted to other players to assist in unlocking special items during the Uprising. In addition to that, Big Box VR is planning on giving players the ability to finally create their own private servers later on in the season.

Population: One is a unique VR battle royale that made its debut alongside the Oculus Quest 2 in October 2020 and has grown every month since then. Seasonal events have added new weapons and skins, changed up the arena several times, introduced a night mode, and now, with Season One “Uprising”, players will have the chance to continually unlock new rewards by playing over the 10-week timespan that the season lasts.


In addition to the close-quarters combat knife, Big Box VR is debuting a katana and a high-powered Light Machine Gun — the LMG — which is designed to be a support-class weapon to keep enemies’ heads down while your teammates move in for the kill. There’s no specific start date for the season just yet — other than “this month” — so be sure to keep an eye peeled for the signs of the oncoming uprising to begin. Population: One is available on the Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and Steam stores for $30. It’s the perfect Oculus Quest title thanks to its reliance on movement freedom, especially the way vertical movement and climbing works in the game.


Taking Battle Royale to new heights

Population: One


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Take to the skies or the ground

Population: One turns battle royale on its head by giving players the ability to climb anything, fly anywhere, and fight everywhere.

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