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PDFBear Guide: Straightforward Way To Repair, Merge, Compress, & Decrypt PDF Files


When you are handling tons of Portable Document Format (PDF) files, flexibility would be one practical aspect as you will be dealing with various issues. It would help if you had tools to back up with fixing whatever your PDF needs. PDF files could be corrupted due to threats and viruses, or they could be too large to attach with your emails.

Fortunately, flexibility is also one aspect PDFBear surely has. It’s the most recommended and trusted software that offers more than twenty tools for free! Yes, PDFBear is a free online PDF editor available to any internet browser and platform. With that, you can now repair, merge, compress, and decrypt PDF files anytime, anywhere.

PDFBear Has A Repair Kit

Do you know that you can still restore corrupted files? It could only be because of malware and viruses that corrupt your files. It’s a common issue with PDF files, and PDFBear has a superb tool for that. You just need to secure your device and an internet connection since the Repair PDF Tool only works online.

How do you use the tool? This repairing tool is straightforward to operate. PDFBear will provide you with the most straightforward instructions on how to restore your file step by step. On top of that, using this tool will only take one minute to complete.

  • Step 1. Upload the corrupted PDF file you want to fix by either clicking the “Select Files” button or utilize the alternative “drag and drop” feature.
  • Step 2. After uploading, the repairing tool will then analyze the file. Click “repair” to start the process.
  • Step 3. Give the tool a few seconds to finish the process.
  • Step 4. Download the successfully restored PDF file, save it on your device or share it to your Google Drive and Dropbox.

Merge PDF Files In Four Steps

Most people in business work with multiple tasks and assignments, which means they handle more PDF documents than other people. The Merge PDF tool by PDFBear helps you merge multiple files to have easy access to different files needed for a presentation or reports.

Further, combining PDF files is an effective way to declutter your computer desktop. If you have tons of PDF files, it might be harder to organize. There are only four quick and easy steps for merging.

  • Step 1. First, upload those PDF files you want to merge in one file location. Press “Select Files” to upload or the “drag and drop” feature for faster uploading.
  • Step 2. Afterward, the merging tool will start the process by analyzing the texts first and combining them.
  • Step 3. Merging files with PDFBear is a short process. Please wait for a few seconds to finish the process.
  • Step 4. Lastly, download your new PDF file and save it on your device or share it on your Google Drive.

Best Quality PDF Compressor

PDFBear allows you to do more than two ways to manage your PDF files. One of its incredible tools is the PDF compressor. Compressing your files helps you avoid future incompatibilities, such as uploading files online, printing, and making webmails. The tool can reduce up to 70% of its size.

PDFBear also makes sure to reduce nothing but the file’s size. Other PDF compressors end up destroying the quality and format of your file. That’s why you need to only rely on trusted software like PDFBear.

On top of that, access to this tool is not a problem. You can use your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. Open the website to any internet browsers, such as Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, and more. Here’s the step-by-step process.

  • Upload the PDF file you want to compress by clicking “Select Files” and manually browsing through folders.
  • Once the file is there, PDFBear will let you decide whether you want the basic or strong compression from the options. 
  • From there, press “compress” and wait for a few seconds to finish compressing.
  • That’s it! You can download and save your freshly compressed PDF into your device or share it to Google Drive and Dropbox.

Password-Removal Function

In case you forgot your password again, PDFBear will be ready to help you remove the password and open the file again. Here’s the step by step process:

  • Upload a password-protected PDF file
  • Then enter the password.
  • Let the tool do the rest of the work for you, and please wait for a few seconds to finish unlocking.
  • You can now download and save your password-free PDF file to your device.


Here’s the final verdict, PDFBear is indeed the best choice to be a PDF partner. You can stop worrying about anything as long as you have a device and an internet connection; you’re good to go!

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