Thursday, June 13, 2024

Keep your phone free of germs with up to 50% off PhoneSoap UV sanitizers


Did you know researchers say your phone is dirtier than a public toilet? In 2021, that’s simply unacceptable, but luckily you can change that at a discount today. For just one day only, Woot is offering up to 50% off PhoneSoap UV sanitizers with prices starting as low as $39.99. There are three phone sanitizer models available in today’s sale so you can grab one that is the perfect size for your phone or pick one that can sanitize larger items too.

Considering all the surfaces they touch and all the times they’re in your hand, our smartphones are some of the most germ-infested items we own. With the PhoneSoap 3, you can get rid of the bacteria and germs plaguing your phone with its integrated UV light, helping to sanitize your entire device within just ten minutes. It’s the most affordable model on sale today, priced at just $39.99.

You can even plug your phone in to charge while it’s being cleaned as the device is equipped with a USB port. And sure, the PhoneSoap 3 may be built for smartphones, but you could technically toss anything inside that fits to sanitize, from wireless earbuds to a smartwatch, your car keys, and more.

iMore previously reviewed the PhoneSoap 3 with four out of five stars, while commending its ease of use and ability to clean more than just your phone.

The sale also features the PhoneSoap Pro which features twice the number of UV bulbs for sanitizing in half the time. It’s also large enough to fit in phablet-sized phones or phones in bulkier cases that might not go into the PhoneSoap 3. Want to sanitize tablets and other large items? The HomeSoap is also on sale at 35% off.

The prices on offer at Woot are good for today only, or until sold out, so be sure to head over to Woot and place your order now if you’re interested. Woot normally charges $6 per order for shipping, though you can score free shipping there by logging in with an Amazon Prime account before checking out. If you’re not a member already, start a free 30-day trial to score free shipping at Woot and Amazon instantly.

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