Sunday, June 23, 2024

Keep all your data with you in WD’s Easystore 2TB hard drive down to $60


Another day, another set of daily deals from Best Buy. Today you can save a chunk of change on the WD Easystore 2TB portable hard drive. It is down to $59.99 until tomorrow. That’s a huge discount for a drive that normally goes as high as $110 and can be found going for around $100 at other retailers like Amazon and Newegg. This is just $10 over the current price of the 1TB drive so you’re doubling the storage for a small increase in price.

The Easystore is just that… easy. It’s a simple portable hard drive that you can use to store and transfer data, whether that’d be music, movies, photos, or video games. The 2TB of space is all there for you to use, and it’s in a convenient device that won’t let you down. Since its portable, you can take it with you as well, so it can be a great storage companion for your laptop.

Connect via USB 3.0 for an easy-to-use interface that is super compatible with a wide range of devices. It’s also backwards compatible with USB 2.0 just in case you need to plug into an older port. You won’t get quite the same transfer speeds, but it will definitely still work for you. The drive is also powered by the USB hub so you only need one cable to connect the drive and get it working instead of say some drives that require both a USB cable and a power adapter.

WD also provides some free software and automatic backup options. Use the drive to back up some of the files on your computer and use WD’s software to schedule this effort. It will do the backing up in the background using minimal resources so you can keep using your PC. The WD Drive Utilities software also gives you options to help manage, configure, and diagnose your drive.

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