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Is An Apple Computer Trade-In Worth It?


There are loads of tech fans that can’t wait for the newest iPhone release every year. It’s just something that brings them joy, and it’s a way to show everyone else that you’re a part of the group. However, when a few years go by, you might have a stockpile of phones or computers that you no longer use. 

Some of them are catching dust in a forgotten drawer, and some of the computers might be in the attic, still keeping old memories in their hard drives. New models look sleek and beautiful, but the old ones deserve some love too. Click here to read more.

It’s not wise to throw electronics in the trash since they can be dangerous to the environment, and some materials from the batteries can be unsafe for public health. That’s why it’s much better to opt for recycling, or even better, a trade-in to get something much better. 

How does that work?

Apple introduced a new robot called Daisy, which can disassemble old phones and laptops. This means that they will recycle your old devices and put the materials back into use. Don’t worry that doesn’t mean that the new ones will be less powerful. 

Plus, if you bring the electronic piece to their store, you will get some money back, and you can use that cash to get something better. Let’s say that you have an old MacBook, and you want to trade it in for something better.  The maximum money back you can get is 400 dollars.

On the other hand, if you have an old iMac Pro that you don’t want to use anymore, then you can get up to 3000 dollars back. The sum ranges based on the condition the device is in. This is one of the simplest ways to trade in something that you already have and get the thing that you want.  Follow this link for more info

Why is this kind of policy important?

These kinds of policies are an important example to other tech firms. Let’s look back at the last two decades. Electronics are being produced at an incredible rate. This rate increased by 50 percent compared to the year 2000. 

However, the recycling amount of these kinds of products is only 40 percent. Even though this is a big improvement from the past, it’s still not enough to make an impact on the planet. We’re producing more and more waste, without cleaning up after ourselves.  

However, when you introduce a closed loop of recycling like Apple did with their cobalt, tin, and aluminum, that’s like a light at the end of the tunnel. We finally have a way to reduce the carbon footprint we’re leaving, and we’re starting to turn the tides and give back to our planet. 

The environmental impact

No company would switch to a green alternative if it didn’t make them a lot of money. Ever since Apple turned to completely recycled aluminum, they’ve saved up a lot. It’s a win for the company, and it’s a win for the environment since there are a lot of downsides to digging up raw metals and then shipping them to other countries. 

Plus, this opens up the doors to innovation. Since they realized how much potential is hidden in Apple trade-in, they’ve opened new doors and increased efficiency. This means that more people will be encouraged to keep using their older devices instead of getting new ones with every release. 

Even if they want to get a new product, they can bring in their old one and get a discount for the new one. This makes the earlier versions much cheaper. All of these electronic devices have rare elements, such as gold inside them. 

But mining for these materials is extremely damaging for the planet. Recycling is a much better option since the company saves money while the customers get their own benefits in return. Also, renewable energy is one of their biggest claims. 

They want to cut it down every year until they leave no emissions in 2030. That’s a massive goal that everyone wants to see. If they succeed, it will put them in history as one of the pioneers to ever do it. 

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