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IMEI checker: Why you shouldn’t leak your IMEI number?


Lost your phone? Want to find its location? IMEI number comes as a savior instantly.

IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity Number) is the 15 digit number commonly found in all mobile phones printed during manufacturing for identification purposes.

Whenever you buy a second-hand mobile, it is mandatory to use an IMEI checker to find the phone information.

However, if you leak your IMEI number to unknown persons, they get easy access to your messages.

Here are a few things you need to know about finding your IMEI number and why you shouldn’t give it to others.

  • The importance of IMEI number

Similar to the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to check the used cars’ status, the IMEI number serves as a medium to know the phone status.

It gives you details on the following factors

  1. Original or Fake
  2. Model of the phone
  3. Blacklist status
  4. Information of the seller and manufacturer
  5. Sim lock status and Network
  6. Carrier and warranty
  7. Color and capacity

Apart from that, you can use the IMEI number to trace back your phone’s location in case of any theft.

  • Check before buying used phones

It is so common to buy a used handset these days.

Many people sell their phones for purchasing the latest models in the market. Indeed, tech wizards sell their mobile even after 2-3 months of buying it.

If you’re looking for a used phone at the moment, it is safer to ask for the IMEI number.

Any legit seller will provide it immediately, understanding the reason behind it. Don’t straight away text “Hi, I need your IMEI number” to any seller.

This scares them a little. Enquire about the phone condition briefly and then politely ask for the IMEI number.

If the seller refuses to provide it, don’t worry, move on, and there are plenty of people in the market waiting to sell their mobile.

Trust is important, especially while buying a used phone.

  • Use an IMEI checker

I’ve got the IMEI number; what’s next? Once you get the number, it is fair enough to run the number on the IMEI checker.

What is the purpose of the IMEI checker? It provides you all the details about the phone instantly.

There are plenty of IMEI checkers available on the internet for free. Some of the best ones are,, iUnlocker, and These are reputable websites that you can completely trust.

Besides, it doesn’t make any changes to the device.

Some of them charge extra in case you need the carrier status. Knowing the carrier status is an important part while buying the used phone.

It lets you know whether the phone is locked or unlocked. Plus, if the phone is a stolen one, the original user would block the IMEI number. You can easily find blocked IMEI numbers using the IMEI checker tool.

This makes you purchase a legit used phone.

  • Verify with a used phone sellers

If you’re selling your used mobile, you fear to give an IMEI number.

This is because many scams are happening in day to day life with this unique identification number.

If you’ve sold any goods online, you might be aware of the scams.

Your fear is sensible. Even brutal mistakes happen in manufacturing. Recently, Vivo has manufactured 13000 phones with the same IMEI number.

Tampering the IMEI number can lead to imprisonment in many countries. It is better to verify the buyer before providing them the IMEI number.

Never include the IMEI number in the product listing.

The Bottomline

With that said, if you aren’t feeling comfortable with the potential buyer or seller, never share your IMEI number.

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