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How to Win Every Single Round In CS: GO


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has turned out to be a very famous game in the world today. Both kids and adults love the game. However, most players fail to reach the higher levels of the game, and this is because not everyone wants to put efforts to enrich their gaming skills.

If you want to become a pro player, you should know some tricks that will help you survive. Are you interested to learn those tips and tricks? If yes, then we have come up with some powerful strategies to become an expert at CS: GO. For more information, visit

1. Learn to aim

You should know how to aim while shooting your gun. It is more productive to make one precise shot instead of spraying the entire clip and failing to kill even one.

 2. Keep experimenting

Once you finish one level and move on to the next, consider using new positions as well as new techniques. This is important because your enemies get familiarized with your position and know how to knock you in the next round.

Moreover, when you use the structure that is away from your enemy’s sight, you can escape from their eyes. Hence, even a little change will make a great difference in the game.

 3. Understand the weapons

Explore and understand everything about the weapons that you will use in the game.  Using each weapon in the game will help you to get accustomed to its usage.

4. Know the maps

Learn everything about the map before you start playing your match on it. This is one major trick that every professional follows before he or she starts the game. This tactic has two major benefits.

Firstly, it helps you be aware of where your enemy can appear and select your route accordingly. Secondly, learning your maps will make you more productive as you can speed up your communication with your team members.

5. Sound is crucial

You should listen to the in-game noise with attention as it will help you in navigation and thus understand your enemies’ actions in a better way.

Also, keep in mind that your enemies can hear your voice as well. You can use this point in your favor by making fake sounds. This is a good technique to manipulate your opposition.

6. Be attentive toward the radar

Be very attentive to the radar if you want to play like a pro. The radar gives you a clear view of where your teammates are and the risky areas for you.

7. Keep in mind the finances

Consider looking at the economic condition before you end up spending recklessly in the game. Keep a check on your team and your enemy’s financial condition.

8. Don’t rush! Take your time.

As a player, it is very normal for you to kill an enemy as soon as you see him, particularly if your enemy fails to recognize you. But this is not right every time, even though it’s hard to control yourself. Your enemy will not pass on any information to his proponents, thus they will not find your location or position. By this technique, you can kill more than one enemy.

9. Utilize a boost

There are some places on the maps that are very difficult to reach all by yourself. These places are referred to as boost. In such cases, try to hop on the back of your team member first. A boost will help you get a proper view of what’s going on in some map areas. But ensure you use them within limit, as your enemies will recognize the boost you are using.

10. Talk to your teammates

Teamwork is the key to success in CS: GO.  This game is not merely about how many enemies you can kill, but it also tests your communication skills and teamwork. Communicate and pass on important information regarding your competitors.

Final words

Hope these tactics help you to level up your rank in the game and make you one of the best CS: GO athlete. Also, don’t forget to take proper sleep once your game is over, irrespective of your defeat or victory. This will refresh your mind and prepare you for the next game. For any related queries, comment below. Also, stay tuned for more guides.

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