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How to turn off tab groups and grid view on Chrome for Android



Google rolled out a new update to Chrome for Android that introduced a new interface for tab management. Instead of the vertical tab layout, tabs are now sorted into a grid view whenever you open a link. If you’re not a fan of tab groups, you can easily switch back to the old vertical layout. Here’s how to turn off grid view on Chrome for Android.

How to turn off tab groups and grid view on Chrome for Android

Open Chrome for Android.
Type chrome://flags/#enable-tab-grid-layout in the address bar and hit Enter.

You should see a Tab Grid Layout setting highlighted in yellow. Select the drop-down menu.


In the drop-down menu, select Disabled.
Hit the Relaunch button at the bottom of the page to restart Chrome.

You should once again see vertical tab management in Chrome.


I had to relaunch Chrome twice for the changes to take effect, so if you don’t see the old layout with a restart, try reloading Chrome again. While the new interface may be confusing at first, I’ve been using it for the better part of a few months on my Note 20 Ultra — which continues to be one of the best Android phones out there — and actually like the changes. It makes tab management that much easier in Chrome, and the tab bar at the bottom is a great new addition.

But if you’re used to Chrome’s current tab management and don’t want to switch, you can easily disable the feature using the steps outlined above. If at any time you want to try the new layout, you can always switch the toggle back to Default in the enable-tab-grid-layout setting. Chrome is the default option on Android, but if you’re willing to try something new, be sure to take a look at our best Android apps to take a look at other browsers available for your phone.

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