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How to securely access any site without being tracked


Since the use of internet became a vital daily activity for everybody, more and more people are being concerned about the safety of their private data. And it happens for a reason.

The majority of internet users are aware that our online activity is tracked. Otherwise, people could do whatever comes to their minds in the internet space and, unfortunately, not everybody has good intentions. So, on one hand our activity is being supervised for our safety. While, on the other hand, it’s hard to come to conclusion whether it is actually safe when it comes to each of us personally.

Many companies are known to sell users’ data to third party companies, which can later be used for commercial adjustment, considered as a base of interests and so on. These companies get a certain insight on what we like, judging by our interests and the sites that we often visit. Well, then how can we get some privacy while surfing the web? The answer is simple — a Virtual Private Network. With VPN you can access Football livescore on Buaksib or Netflix from the country where it is restricted.

VPNs are incredibly useful for those who care about their internet freedom and privacy. VPNs listed on VPN Busters work by switching your real IP address to a new one, which makes the tracking of your online activity impossible. Thanks to the variety of such services, you can even choose a country where you want your IP address from to access a particular blocked website.

How VPN works

The algorithm is pretty simple and can be explained in one sentence. A VPN establishes a  safe connection between your device and the site you visit through a secure server, which makes it impossible for mobile providers to track your online activity. Just like this, your data stays safe and your surfing untraced, as it should be. You check more on how to unblock popular websites on

When choosing among free and paid VPN, we suggest getting a paid one, also due to safety reasons. They are known to keep users data safe and don’t show annoying commercials that are more likely to waste your time rather than actually be useful.

Is there any other way I can stop activity tracking?

VPN is the most reliable and fast way to access the content you need in an incognito mode. It can make your internet activity private in just two clicks. Isn’t it a reasonable point to try it?

Apart from improving the security of your data, VPN can also help you view any geo-restricted content, which is a struggle for many tourists and locals. Travelers often face the problem of accessing their home country content, due to the restrictions put on these websites in different countries.

Why does this happen? Some governments consider the information, posted on a number of sites, inappropriate, invalid and even harmful for their society, so they decide to block it.

In order to bypass such restrictions, VPNs were created. In a contemporary world, it’s one of the most powerful internet tools, which every active internet user should try at least once.

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