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How to score a PS5 during a Walmart restock



Buying a PS5 can be difficult, but you can make it a lot easier with these tips.

Having trouble keeping up with PS5 restocks? You’re not alone. It seems that the PS5 constantly goes in-stock only to sell out moments later with little warning. Walmart is generally good at staggering its process so that people have multiple chances through the day to buy Sony’s latest console, but it’s never a guarantee. There are a few tips and tricks you can use to make the checkout process faster and improve your chances of snagging a PS5.

Millions of people already have their hands on the console that we said was a technical marvel in our PS5 review. You really don’t want to miss out on all of the fun.

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  • Create a Walmart account
  • Keep your credit card info saved
  • Download the Walmart app
  • Sign up for stock alerts
  • Best PS5 games to play

Create a Walmart account

Making sure you have a Walmart account set up makes the checkout process extremely quick. Instead of hastily trying to fill out all of your information before the PS5 sells out, possibly making mistakes and wasting time to fix them, by creating an account you can skip all of that nonsense.

Go to

Select Account at the top right of the page.


Select Sign-in.


Select Create an account.
Enter your name, email, and password.
Uncheck “Email me about Rollbacks” to avoid general marketing emails from Walmart.
If you’re on a shared computer, uncheck “Keep me signed in” to avoid someone else using your account.

Select Create account.


Keep your credit card information saved

Apps like Google Pay make it nearly instantaneous to purchase something on your Android device, but some stores don’t support them. Walmart is, unfortunately, one such retailer, but that’s okay; Walmart allows you to store addresses and payment information ahead of time so you’re not having to fumble your card out of your wallet during the rush of a restock. It’s not part of the initial account creation process, but it’s easy enough to go back and add it in now while we have ample time to ensure we enter everything correctly.

After all, you wouldn’t want to place your order and then realize you sent it to the wrong house, right?

Go to

Select Account at the top right of the page.


Select Account from the menu.


Select Delivery addresses under Manage account.


Enter your address information.

Select Save.


Select Payment methods under Manage account.


Select Add a credit or debit card.


Enter your payment information.

Select Save.


Your shipping and payment information is now saved and can be automatically selected when you’re trying to check out with that PS5 before the restock runs out, saving you precious seconds and potentially saving your order.

Download the Walmart app

Most big chain retailers have mobile apps and Walmart is no exception. It’s free for anyone to download and makes purchasing items a breeze. If you happen to see that the PS5 is in-stock while you’re out of the house and you only have your phone on you, just by clicking the link the app will automatically open up instead of the webpage.

Order from anywhere



Free at Google Play

Never miss out on a restock when on the go.

Walmart Shopping & Grocery aims to save you time and money, and that’s exactly what you’ll want when the PS5 is in-stock. Sony’s latest console sells out lightning fast, so even seconds could mean the difference of getting your hands on one.

Sign up for PS5 stock alerts

Because of how popular the PS5 is, you can usually sign up for stock alerts for it that send a push notification or email to your phone. While Walmart itself offers stock alerts for certain items, it doesn’t appear to do so for the PS5 at the moment.

There aren’t a ton of great third-party services that offer stock tracking, but you can always try It keeps track of stock at Walmart, Target, GameStop, Amazon, and PlayStation. You can set up an alarm and customize it with browser alerts if you create an account so you don’t miss anything.

Best PS5 games to play


When you’ve finally been able to buy a PS5, you’ll need some games to play. We’ve compiled a list of the best PS5 games available right now across several different genres. Looking for family-friendly titles? Maybe interested in its free-to-play games so you don’t have to spend any money. We’ve got you covered along with some recommendations for the most popular games out there.

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