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Hitman 3: How to find the case file in Dartmoor


Most Hitman levels give you a target (or list of targets) and send you on your way. But Hitman 3′s Dartmoor level is different. In addition to taking out your target, you also need to find Arthur Edwards’ case file, which is more difficult than it may seem. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to find the case file in Dartmoor in three different ways.

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Method 1: Solve the murder

The easiest way to snag the case file in Dartmoor is to complete the Means, Motive, and Opportunity story mission. There are multiple outcomes to this mission depending on how much evidence you find and who you accuse of the murder. Regardless of the outcome, you’ll eventually end up in Alexa Carlisle’s office, and as a reward for solving the crime, she’ll offer you either the case file or cash. Take the case file.

There’s a lot to this mission, so make sure to read our guide on how to solve the Dartmoor murder mystery. We walk you through the entire story mission, as well as all the different outcomes.

Method 2: Get the safe code

If you’d prefer a more traditional Hitman approach, you can find the case file in a safe inside Alexa Carlisle’s office. The trickiest part is simply getting up to the office, especially on your first playthrough. For those who have already gone through the level, head to the far left side of the mansion from the beginning, near the trophy room. There, you can scale a series of pipes and reach a ladder shortcut, which leads directly into Alexa’s office.

If it’s your first playthrough or you don’t have the shortcut unlocked, pick up a Mansion Staff or Bodyguard disguise. You should be able to get up to Alexa’s office on the third floor without being seen, as long as you avoid enforcers.

There are two other problems you need to deal with, though. First, there’s a guard inside Alexa’s office. Use a coin or some other distraction to lead him away from the stairs, then subdue him and hide his body in the nearby chest. There are also two guards on the balcony outside, but as long as you stay away from the windows, they won’t spot you.

Now, head over to Alexa’s chair and press the button on it. That will move a picture on a nearby wall, revealing the safe. You’ll get some dialogue about finding the code by looking around the mansion. Above the safe, you’ll see four icons: A clock, a telescope, a fire, and a moose. These icons correspond to items you can find around the office, which will reveal the code. Here are all the locations:

  • Clock — Just under the stairs. Look for the clock for the first number.
  • Telescope — On the upper level of the office, pointing out a window.
  • Fire — On the back wall of the fireplace in the office.
  • Moose — There’s a moose head mounted above the main door. Above the moose is the number.



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If you want to find the code yourself, skip to the next paragraph. If you’re impatient, here’s the code: 1975.

There’s still a lurking problem that needs solving, though. Alexa may enter her office with a bodyguard depending on how long you stay in the office. For the most part, she roams the manor, but if you spend more than a few minutes in the office, she’ll make her way up there. The easiest way to handle this issue is to just be quick. If you want a little more time, solve the photographer’s problem near the greenhouse or the undertaker’s problem near the cemetery to keep Alexa occupied for a while.

Method 3: Steal Rebecca and Fernsby’s tokens

The final way to get the case file is to not get the case file at all. There’s actually another copy stored in a safe deposit box in New York (which you can figure out by listening to some of the NPCs around Thornbridge Manor). There are a few different ways to hear about the other copy — spying on Fernsby while he’s talking to Alexa, spying on Rebecca, or spying on the two bodyguards at the front of the mansion.

There are two tokens for the safe deposit box, one held by Rebecca and another held by Fernsby. You’ll need to subdue or eliminate them to get the tokens, and unsurprisingly, they’re very difficult to get alone.

Getting Rebecca’s token

Rebecca patrols back and forth between the sitting room and the trophy room, passing through a hallway where a housekeeper roams. The problem is that the doors to the trophy room and sitting room are both made of glass, and Rebecca — very rudely — leaves them open when passing back and forth.

The safest way to handle her is with poison. Go to the kitchen to pick up some rat poison, then go back to the trophy room to poison a water bottle on the table (while the guard is looking away). Follow Rebecca into the bathroom after she takes a drink, then subdue her. She’ll drop the token.

There is a faster way, though. There’s a single guard in the trophy room. Subdue him once Rebecca leaves, only moving his body a little (you won’t have enough time to fully hide it). Shortly after, Rebecca will walk in and stand in the middle of the room. Subdue her, and then hide both bodies in the chest in the room. Just be aware of the housekeeper in the hall and the guard outside the trophy room. They shouldn’t spot you if you’re careful.

Getting Fernsby’s token

Fernsby is a little more difficult.  He patrols between the first and second floor normally, though he’ll go back and forth between the entryway and the library if you’ve started the investigation. There are two ways to deal with him. The first is to follow him along his path until he’s relatively alone, then subdue him. The middle of the stairs in the library is a good place to do this.

Alternatively, you can knock down the chandelier in the entryway. Fernsby will return to a spot just under the chandelier in the entryway, and while he’s there, you can shoot the chain to knock it down on top of him. You won’t be recognized for knocking down the chandelier (as long as no one sees you), but be aware of the sound of your gun, and be ready to quickly dart to a different part of the mansion.

After the accident, head down and pick up the token.

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