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H20 Wireless Buyer’s Guide (February 2021)


A growing number of US consumers are becoming familiar with Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) like Metro, Boost Mobile, and Straight Talk. They operate using the towers and infrastructure from the big players but have their own rates, customer service, and phone selection.

Let’s take a look at one of them in particular: H20 Wireless


H20 Wireless launched in 2005 and is a US-based (New Jersey) prepaid wireless service provider. It offers its own, albeit small, lineup of GSM phones, many of which are also found at other carriers. Coverage comes from AT&T and its network.

Where are H20 Wireless stores located?

You won’t find an actual retail store for H20 Wireless. Instead, it has availability inside many other retailers and convenience stores. Key among them are Best Buy, Target, 7-Eleven, Office Depot, Circle K, and Speedway.


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What are H20 Wireless rate plans like?

H2O Wireless provides options to subscribers: Monthly Unlimited and Pay-As-You-Go.  Each of the Monthly Unlimited plans include unlimited text and international text, an allotment of data, unlimited international talk to 50+ countries, and up to $20 international talk credit.

Monthly Unlimited

  • $20/month: Unlimited Talk and Text with 2GB of high-speed data, $1.50 international talk credit
  • $30/month: Unlimited Talk and Text with 6GB of high-speed data, $5 international talk credit
  • $40/month: Unlimited Talk and Text with 15GB of high-speed data, $5 international talk credit
  • $50/month: Unlimited Talk and Text with unlimited high-speed data, $5 international talk credit
  • $60/month: Unlimited Talk and Text with unlimited high-speed data w/ mobile hotspot, $5 international talk credit

While both the $50 and $60 options provide unlimited high-speed data, the latter provides mobile hotspot. If you don’t need, or plan, to use that feature, go with the cheaper option.

Customers can save a few dollars per month on their rate plans if they sign up for automatic bill payment, which H20 calls Auto Recharge. And really, all of the plans provide unlimited data, but only a specific amount of it is at 4G LTE speeds. The small print says that the unlimited plan allows for up to 30GB of data before speeds are slowed.


Customers who prefer to only pay for the services they’ve used might want to check out the Pay-As-You-Go option. There are 90-day ($10, $20, $30) and 12-month ($100) plans and each can be set up for Auto Recharge discounts.

  • 5¢ talk and text
  • 10¢ data and MMS

Can you get family plans with H20 Wireless?

H20 Wireless offers multi-line plans for two-line and four-line accounts. For the money, each line gets unlimited talk and text, with 6GB data, unlimited international talk to 50+ countries, unlimited international text, and $10 international talk credit.

  • 2 Lines – $50/mo
  • 4 Lines – $100/mo

It’s worth reinforcing here that this is not the all-out, high-speed 4G LTE stuff you might expect. Rather, you’ll find it’s capped at 3Mbps speeds. This may be more than sufficient for many of you, especially if you’re not primarily using your phone for watching streaming videos.

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What phones are available at H20 Wireless?

As of today there are just under two dozen phones to choose from at H20 Wireless. While the selection isn’t very big, it does feature some respectable models. Currently available are devices like the Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S10+, Google Pixel 3a, and a few Nokia products. There is a fairly wide selection of iPhone options, too.

Can I use my own phone at H20 Wireless?

You can often use your current unlocked GSM phone, especially if it was previously paired with AT&T.

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