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Guard your Galaxy Watch with a screen protector


Whether you’ve got a 42mm or 46mm Samsung Galaxy Watch, it deserves to be protected. It might be a tough smartwatch, but you’ll still want protection that’s resistant to the basics: dirt, dust, scratches, and water. But you’re also going to want something that doesn’t affect functionality. We’ve found the best Galaxy Watch screen protectors, so all you have to do is choose your favorite.

Tough as nails

SPGuard Samsung Galaxy Watch Screen Protector

Staff pick


If you want to find a screen protector that’s tough as nails, look no further than this option from SPGuard. The high-quality tempered glass undergoes an extensive treatment process, which allows it to withstand bigger impacts. Did we mention that the smudge-proof material prevents sweat and fingerprint marks, too? It’s everything you need and more.

  • $7 (46mm) at Amazon
  • $5 (42mm) at Amazon


Spigen Samsung Galaxy Watch Screen Protector


Keep fingerprints at bay with this screen protector from Spigen. It’s designed for acc, so it’ll retain the same smooth glass feel as the original screen for a seamless touchscreen experience. The oleophobic coating prevents oils and fingerprints from forming on the screen. You’ll enjoy extreme clarity that enhances original screen brightness for clear viewing.

$9 (46mm) at Amazon
$8 (42mm) at Amazon

Protects all of the screen

Diruite Samsung Galaxy Watch Screen Protector


With a 9H hardness, the Diruite screen protector will be resistant to scratches from sharp objects. You get many key features, like explosion-proof film, adhesive coating, and glass reinforcement. The screen protector also prevents smudging from fingerprints. It offers 99.9% clarity and remains sensitive to touch as well.

$7 (46mm) at Amazon
$7 (42mm) at Amazon

Twice the protection

Supershieldz Samsung Galaxy Watch Screen Protector


The Supershieldz screen protector has a durable, hardness of 9H (harder than a knife’s blade), and is completely rainbow-effect proof. This means that your Samsung Galaxy Watch’s screen protector will not be damaged by the light in any way. Finally, the innovative hydrophobic coating protects the screen from sweat and water.

$7 (46mm) at Amazon
$6 (42mm) at Amazon

Dust and dirt resistant

Orzero Samsung Galaxy Watch Screen Protector


This Orzero Galaxy Watch screen protector comes with thin glass to give the look and feel of the original screen. Don’t worry, it’s still hard enough that it is completely scratch resistant and shatterproof. The round edges of the screen increase comfort and help stop elements such as dust and dirt from getting underneath the screen of the watch.

$6 (46mm) at Amazon
$6 (42mm) at Amazon

Bubble free!

Omoton Tempered Glass Samsung Galaxy Watch Screen Protector


This 3-pack screen protector is made of tempered glass, is durable, scratch-resistant, and has an oleophobic coating that prevents fingerprints and sweat from staining the screen protector and the watch’s face. Furthermore, installation isn’t a hassle as the screen protector is completely bubble-free, allowing you to see your watch’s face with 100% clarity.

$7 (46mm) at Amazon
$5 (42mm) at Amazon

Best Galaxy Watch Screen Protectors Take your pick

It’s a few years old now, but the Samsung Galaxy Watch is still one of the best Android smartwatches so make sure you keep yours protected. Not only will it keep your smartwatch looking pristine with zero scratches, but it’ll also prolong its lifespan. That means less time reaching into your pocket to buy a new one.

With that in mind, SPGuard offers the best Galaxy Watch screen protector you can buy. It offers a level of protection that you won’t find anywhere else. It can withstand tough impacts and also prevents annoying smudges and fingerprints.

Another option to consider is the Supershieldz Galaxy Watch Screen Protector. It’s made of high-quality tempered glass to provide you with maximum protection from scratches and other damage. Despite offering superior durability, you’ll love that your watch maintains full touchscreen functionality with this screen protector. Most importantly, you won’t have to worry about any sticky residue when you remove it. No matter which option you pick, you’ll feel better knowing your wearable is protected.

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