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Get the world’s thinnest bone conduction speaker at 40% off



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You may have heard about bone conduction headphones. They work by vibrating against your head to send sound into your inner ear. The Blade bone conduction speaker uses the same technology — but this razor-thin device can turn any hollow object into a powerful speaker. You can get it today for $28.95, saving 40% on the MSRP.

One advantage of using conduction technology is that small devices can create impressive volume. In the case of Blade, you can enjoy music and podcasts at 115dB with little distortion.

To use the speaker, you simply need to identify a suitable surface. You can place it on a cardboard box, on your acoustic guitar, or even on a picture frame. The tone varies depending on the object you choose.

Apart from that, Blade works like a standard portable speaker. You connect your phone via Bluetooth, and the device offers four hours of listening on a full charge.

Billed as the world’s thinnest bone conduction speaker, Blade came to life through a successful Kickstarter campaign.

It now retails for $49, but you can get the speaker today for just $28.95 on a special deal.



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