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Four months later, how’s your Pixel 5 battery life doing?


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Following the abysmal battery life of the Pixel 4, one of our greatest concerns going into the Pixel 5 is that it would be faced with a similar fate. Thankfully, the exact opposite has been true.

With a 4,080 mAh battery capacity and excellent optimizations throughout, the Pixel 5 is a phone you can easily use for a full day of heavy use without worrying about how much gas if left in the tank. This is something we immediately noticed in our Pixel 5 review, and taking a look through the AC forums, it’s something others have also been enjoying.

About four months since the Pixel 5’s debut, here’s what some of those members are saying about the phone’s endurance:

02-07-2021 11:44 AM

Yes, no doubt, this thing has a monster of a battery in it. Granted I’d be considered a light user, but still, this is nuts. My usage on a typical day is between 15-25 phone calls, 20-30 texts and probably 30-50 emails. Location is usually off, but 5G is on. Like I said, I’m a light weight compared to most of you. Never have I had a phone that would stand by for 5+ days and have enough battery…


02-07-2021 11:58 AM

Yeah the stand by is crazy good. I literally game on this phone to play stadia, xbox game pass, fortnite etc + a lot of youtube, netflix, hulu etc and even with my crazy usage instill get on average or 24-28 hours but I use it so heavily. If i tone down and go to a more .moderate usage with less gaming infer the 1.5+ days easily. The stand by is just amazing for sure.


02-07-2021 05:58 PM

Yeah, I definitely agree that this battery is a beast! It’s soo incredible awesome for standby time, and to be able to rely on the endurance of the phone soo much!


02-08-2021 01:57 PM

I bought myself a Pixel Stand for Christmas to use with my Pixel 5, which I had purchased a few days before Thanksgiving. During the ensuing six weeks, the endurance of the P5 battery has enabled me to develop a comfortable routine of putting the phone on the Pixel Stand every other night when I go to bed. Even after 40 hours or so, the phone consistently shows that the battery still has 43-48%…


What about you? Four months later, how’s your Pixel 5 battery life doing?

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