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Fortnite challenge guide: Find a rose at Steel Farm or The Orchard


The third stage of Fishstick’s challenges during Fortnite season 5, week 11 sends you on a quest to find a rose at Steel Farm or The Orchard. This week’s challenges are all Valentine’s Day-themed and often send you around the map to help NPCs get dates for the special day. In order to complete the challenge for finding roses at one of the two locations, you must first complete stage one and two — for catching three different fish and for serving Fishtick a fancy dinner at a restaurant, respectively.

After both stages are complete, you can move onto stage three, for finding a rose. You can visit the challenge hub on the main menu to see where both spots are, but just in case you aren’t aware, you can reference our guide below. With this week’s challenges, they’re somewhat confusing since they might reference locations, items, or characters you’re unfamiliar with. Here’s where to find a rose at Steel Farm or The Orchard in Fortnite.

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Where to find a rose at Steel Farm or The Orchard

When you check the challenge hub, the map will be noted with the two possible locations of the rose for this challenge. See the image above for details. To complete this one, you only need to visit one of the two locations — either Steel Farm or The Orchard. Simply land at one of them, collect the rose using Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox, or Y on Nintendo Switch, and you’ll get credit.

We advise you to attempt this in Team Rumble so you can respawn if you die, though Battle Royale works, too. Either way, pick a mode you’re comfortable with and make a beeline for one of the two locations. The rose at Steel Farm is found on the north side of the building on the ground, just below a window. Check the image below for details.

You can also head to The Orchard to the large house on the north side to find the other rose. It’s right on the floor as soon as you walk in the door. Here’s where you can find the rose at The Orchard.

It’s possible the roses only spawn once, though we weren’t able to test this. If you go to one of the locations and it’s not there, double-check to make sure you’ve completed the first two stages of this set. If you have, it means the roses only spawn once, so you’ll have to go to the other location or try in another match. Either way, once you collect one rose, you’ll gain credit and earn 20,000 XP.

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