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Fortnite challenge guide: Deliver the love potion to Slurpy Swamp or Shanty Town


Now that Fortnite season 5, week 11 is underway, you’ll have a lot more challenges at your disposal. This week’s set of challenges are Valentine’s Day-themed, requiring you to run around the map to complete love-related requests for the various NPCs. One you might be having trouble with requires you to deliver the love potion to Slurpy Swamp or Shanty Town. In order to begin this quest, you first need to complete stage one, for collecting the love potion referenced above.

After you do, you’ll be able to deliver it to one of the named locations. If you pull up the challenge hub, you can see both spots marked on the map, but it only gives you the general location. In this guide, we’ll show you both delivery spots. Here’s how to deliver the love potion to Slurpy Swamp or Shanty Town in Fortnite.

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How to deliver the love potion to Slurpy Swamp or Shanty Town

In referencing the map from the challenge hub above, you’ll see both named locations marked — Slurpy Swamp and Shanty Town. To complete this challenge, you only need to deliver the potion to one of the two locations, and we advise visiting the Shanty Town to the west since it’s less busy.

Start up a match in Team Rumble so you can respawn if you get taken out. You can do it in Battle Royale, as well, but Team Rumble tends to be easier. Either way, head to the Shanty Town located to the west of Slurpy Swamp and you’ll find a bunch of little wooden houses. Visit the large house on the eastern side, and on the second floor toward the middle, you’ll find a room with a large teddy bear in it.

In front is a transparent potion spot, indicating you can deliver your item here. Press Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox, or Y on Nintendo Switch to interact and deliver the love potion.

Of course, there is one other location you can use, and it’s found on the second floor of the main Slurpy Swamp building — with the large Slurp statue on top. Head to the second floor, and in one of the offices on the north side is another room with a teddy bear, along with a delivery point for your potion.

Pick one of these locations — either will do — and deliver the love potion you collected from stage one to complete the challenge and earn 20,000 XP. We recommend coordinating with a team to complete this one so they can watch your back as you deliver the item.

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