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Five smart devices to safely track the ghosts


There are many things children dream of becoming when they’re older. Magicians, athletes, detectives, and astronauts are just a few of the most popular picks. A career as a ghostbuster, however, remains at the top of the list. There can be nothing more exciting than walking into a dark, dingy room and hunting down everything that dwells within. While many of the careers we dream of having as children may lose their charm when we grow older, some stay forever fascinating. A ghostbusting career might not be on the books, but there’s no harm in indulging in your fantasy every once in a while. However, you can’t just expect to walk into a supposedly haunted area and hope to run into ghosts. For your mission to be effective, you need to have all the right tools. If you’re unsure of what to use, don’t fret. Keep reading below to find all the smart devices you need on your ghost hunting trip.

Spirit box

If you’re interested in ghostbusting, you’ll have noticed that one of the essential gadgets in any ghost buster’s kit is the spirit box. The eerie, sudden static of the spirit allows you to hear something no other device can accomplish. This audio box lets you hear the most precise sounds, so you’re able not just to listen to the ghosts faintly but also to communicate with them. It can sweep for both AM and FM channels, so you don’t miss a chance to track the area’s ghosts. Furthermore, the spirit box doesn’t just let you hear sounds. It alerts you to any temperature drops and has built-in LED lights for night vision.

If you’re building your ghostbusting kit, this is the first tool you need to add. The spirit box is a custom-made piece of ghost hunting equipment that only the most qualified can make. If you’re looking to get hard evidence that you’ve located a haunted place, head to to get yourself this spirit box.

Thermal camera

The second most important tool you need to track ghosts safely is the thermal camera. Finding cold spots is one of the most effective ways of chasing ghosts. While some cold areas might be due to generally fluctuating temperatures, many are due to paranormal activity. These cold spots aren’t just chilly patches, however. Many ghostbusters report experiencing temperature drops so extreme that they feel like their hands are burning. Thermal imaging cameras are the most effective way for you to detect a ghostly presence without walking straight into a paranormal zone. Modern technologies are incredibly accurate in detecting any such disturbances and can let you plan your action course.

Handheld thermal cameras are excellent for tracking ghosts in larger locations or on the go. You can carry them easily in any bag and know just when you need to say a little prayer.

EMF sensor

An EMF sensor is yet another incredible tool you can use for enhanced accuracy to track ghosts. Therefore, they feature prominently in every ghost hunter’s arsenal. EMF sensors work by detecting electromagnetic fields that radiate off of different objects. Radios and electronic devices emit EMF waves, and as do humans. However, EMF sensors are designed to detect the erratic, high EMF fluctuations that commonly occur in haunted places.

EMF sensors have excellent response times and can detect even the slightest EMF fluctuations. The needle display makes it easy for you to measure how intense the activity is. Furthermore, modern-day EMF sensors come with a silent mode. It makes them perfect to use without interfering too much in the investigation scene. Therefore, you can better hear other recordings, and you don’t need to worry about distracting investigators. To use your EMF sensors best, use them with EVP recordings. EVP phenomena occur when you hear seemingly human voices from disembodied sources when you playback any radio or videotape.

Motion detector

Ghost hunting locations are often huge, and you might not be able to set up cameras or sensors all over. Motion detectors are an excellent way to ensure that you can stay alerted of any paranormal activity in the vicinity. You can use many different motion sensors to light up or send off alarms if they move. Although ghosts generally exist in a different plane than ours, they may sometimes enter our realm and interact with objects the way we do.

Motion sensor lights are another alternative you can use for accurate ghost tracking. They have an electronic eye that can detect infrared waves coming from any moving object. Motion sensor lights are incredibly sensitive and can detect even slight movements. Therefore, this can be an essential part of your ghost-hunting arsenal.

A Headlamp

If you are looking to track ghosts, you must have adequate access to light. When you are focused on the hunt and making your way through the dark, you may trip over things without a lamp! A flashlight may be the best solution in times like these. However, it seems rather impractical to carry one around when both your hands would be busy with other equipment.
In situations like this, it would be best to carry a headlamp to ensure that you access to light. Your hands are free to manage other, more critical equipment. These lights can be some of the essential tools in your efforts to track ghosts and exceptionally ensure your safety while you are wandering around in the dark. Strap the re-chargeable light to your head and walk around with ample light shining ahead of you—a smart device that aids even the most seasoned ghost trackers.

Furthermore, lights these days can be brilliant tools to have in your ghostbusting arsenal. You can get lights that adjust to the area’s brightness accordingly, so you don’t need to keep adjusting brightness. These lights can also alert you when they’re low on battery so that you can make the appropriate arrangements.


Ghost hunting may seem challenging, but you can ensure that your expedition is as successful as possible with these tools. These devices are incredibly accurate and can make your ghost hunting expedition much safer too. You can quickly gauge the extent of the haunting and whether the excitement is worth the risk. Suppose you’ve heard strange sounds, feeling a presence, or experiencing any peculiar happenings around you. In that case, it might be a good idea to start putting together your ghost hunting tool kit.

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