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Facebook wants to join the Clubhouse craze with its own version of the app



Facebook is not shy about copying features from other platforms if it can do it well.

What you need to know

  • Facebook is in the early stages of developing its own Clubhouse-like product.
  • Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, recently appeared on the app to discuss augmented and virtual reality.
  • Twitter has also been publicly testing its own version of Clubhouse called “Spaces.”

Every so often, a new app comes along that other platforms can’t help but shamelessly copy. This time around, it looks like that app is Clubhouse, and the largest social network has its eyes on this “new” form of communication. According to The New York Times, sources familiar with the matter have stated that Facebook is interested in creating a platform similar to Clubhouse.

Apparently, the product is in very early stages and is the latest example of Facebook expanding its core platform. CEO Mark Zuckerberg is apparently a fan of Clubhouse and been interested in developing an audio platform, especially given the state of the pandemic. He even appeared on the app recently as a guest on a Clubhouse talk show called “The Good Times Show” to discuss future tech like augmented and virtual reality, which Facebook has some stake in with products like its popular Oculus Quest 2.

Clubhouse is an invite-only social networking app that differs from other apps as it focuses on audio as opposed to video or text. Users can create voice chat rooms or join a variety of clubs that focus on discussing different topics. Moderators can control who speaks and listeners can virtually raise their hands to indicate they want to contribute. Conversations are also not saved, which is a big deal as far as privacy is concerned.

The app has garnered much attention over the past year, giving people a “new” way to communicate outside of the normal video and text-based apps. With the pandemic keeping people from gathering, this provides a new, safe way to join communities and groups of like-minded people while discussing your favorite topics. Twitter has even started publicly testing its own version of Clubhouse called “Spaces” which functions in a largely similar way, making it unsurprising that Facebook wants to get in on the action too.

Both platforms have not been shy about copying other rival social apps, albeit Facebook is more aggressive about it. The company famously implemented its own version of Snapchat Stories within Instagram and more recently launched “Reels” which resembles TikTok-style videos. It might even be easier for the company to just buy Clubhouse, but given the scrutiny Facebook is already under for its purchases of WhatsApp and Instagram, it’s probably best that it develops its own version instead.

Since the product is still in early development, it could be some time before Facebook officially launches anything. Clubhouse, meanwhile, has stated that it’s currently working to bring Android users to the platform.

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