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Easily and securely access your computer remotely from a Chromebook



We love just how flexible the Chrome browser and Chrome OS feature sets are. From myriad extensions and web apps to how useful it makes devices like Android phones and Chromebooks, Chrome OS is feature-packed. One of the most valuable tools that Chrome has to offer is the Chrome Remote Desktop, which allows you to access your computer (Mac, PC, Linux) from anywhere in the world using your Android or iOS phone, or another computer or tablet running Chrome and the Remote Desktop app. We’ll show you how to set up Chrome Remote Desktop on Chromebook and other machines so that you can access your own files from far away, provide remote tech support, or receive remote tech support.

How to set up Chrome Remote Desktop on a Mac, PC, or Linux computer

If you’re planning to access another computer from your Chromebook, you’ll need to set up Chrome Remote Desktop on that computer.

Open the Chrome browser on the computer you wish to access remotely.
Type in
From the Remote Desktop site, click on the tab that says Remote Access.

Click on the blue arrow in the box that says Set up remote access to download the remote access package.


When the install package downloads, be sure to also click on the blue Add to Chrome extension box for quick access.


Follow the instructions and grant the necessary permissions to set up and install Chrome Remote Desktop.


Give your host compuer a name.


Set up a PIN for this computer so that you can access it remotely from another device.


When you’re ready to share the screen with another computer, click on the Chrome Remote Desktop extension from your Chrome toolbar.


Note that you may have to grant this app permission to operate on your computer or modify your computer’s security permissions.

How to use Chrome Remote Desktop from a Chromebook

Open the Chrome browser on the computer you wish to access remotely.
Type in

Click Remote Access to select which computer you want to access.


Double-click on the computer you need to control.

Enter the PIN you created when setting up Chrome Remote Desktop on your other computer.


Click the arrow to connect.

When you’re ready to disconnect, click Stop Sharing.


Not only is Chrome Remote Desktop a handy tool for you to be able to access your office computer or the big desktop back home, but it can be a great way for you to provide tech support for friends or family who may need a bit of help with a computer problem. When you share your computer with someone else, or someone shares theirs with you, a one-time access code is created, so the person being helped need not worry that their helper will continue to have access over their device. The person sharing will simply click Stop Sharing at any point, and the helper will no longer have access to their device.

Our top equipment picks

While you can use Chrome Remote Desktop from any device running the Chrome browser, we are partial to using it with one of the best Chromebooks like the Lenovo Flex 5.

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Additional Equipment

While it’s great to be able to access your computer from another Chrome browser, sometimes you may be more mobile. For those times, make sure you have the Chrome Remote Desktop app installed on your Android phone.

Chrome Remote Desktop App


Free at Google Play

Securely access your Mac, PC, or Linux computer from anywhere via your Android phone. Just remember to set up Chrome Remote Desktop app on your computer first.

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