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Discover Editor X: the advanced web creation platform for designers and agencies


As more and more brands lean on their digital presence for success, web experiences are increasingly in the spotlight. Designers are constantly innovating as they craft inspiring visitor experiences for each new project. It’s therefore no surprise that the platform they choose has to meet an incredibly high standard. Editor X is a cutting-edge platform that empowers designers to meet any client need with responsive web design, rich business infrastructure and reliable cloud hosting. It’s become extremely popular among professional web creators for a few reasons.

CSS control, combined with smooth drag and drop.

The Editor X workspace is wide and intuitive—very similar to the experience on a lot of native design and prototyping tools. With resizing handles at the sides of the canvas, you can see and design sites for every viewport width, and you can also add up to 6 custom breakpoints. For quick adjustments by eye, you can drag elements and gridlines with your mouse—but you can also access a range of CSS functions to precisely control the size, position and behavior of any element on any screen.

Integrated business solutions

Editor X also offers a suite of built-in business and marketing solutions, from online stores with reliable payment solutions, to booking systems, blogs and SEO tools. Each solution is fully maintained and secure, so you’ll never need to worry about the security of client sites.

Powerful CMS

These days dynamic, data driven sites are in high demand, with businesses wanting to update their content regularly and easily. Editor X has its own integrated content management system, where every kind of content can be stored behind the scenes and updated by clients without touching the site layout or design.

Custom code capabilities

You can build highly complex sites on Editor X without touching a line of code, but there’s also the option to turn on dev mode. This opens up tons of additional capabilities, from writing custom Javascript to connecting to external APIs, so you can build really advanced web applications.

If you’re looking to master Editor X, there are a few ways to get started. Firstly their educational hub, Academy X, is filled with video tutorials, lessons and hands on exercises. And another great way to dive in, is by exploring their beautiful array of designer-made templates. They’re fully customizable and free to play with, so you can break them apart and see how they were built before tackling your next project.

It’s no wonder this platform has caught the eye of professional web creators. Go ahead and try it yourself at

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