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Digital Watermarking Technique for Text Document Protection: A PDFBear Guide


Digital Watermarking Technique for Text Document Protection: A PDFBear Guide

With the rapid growth in technology usage, the provision of authorized data and protecting confidential information from unauthorized access is exceptionally challenging and includes complex procedures. Digital content, such as PDF files, is one of the prime objectives of data theft and possible corruption as it is generated daily and shared over the Internet.

Moreover, a limited number of options are only available for the protection of your documents. Most of the solutions that you can find online lack the capacity to produce a robust watermark. In the said perspective, a digital watermarking method is suggested for ownership verification and document copyright protection with the help of PDFBear.

Why Adding Watermarks A Vital Task to Do?

As different types of documents are produced in PDF format. There may be instances where you require maximum protection for your information by adding watermarks. When you need to create a PDF file that can be instantly identified as containing private details, you can add watermark to PDF equivalent to working with watermarks in the non-digital world.

Apart from deterring the copying of your content, putting a watermark on your PDF files allows you to apply a different approach to classifying your PDF files. You can set up your digital copies that are instantly watermarked in the “for your eyes only” section, dissimilar from other forms of PDF files that you usually handle and provides for broader distribution.

File Watermarking Through PDFBear

PDFBear, as a dependable web-based tool, is continuing to assist digital users in working with confidence and providing clients with enhanced control over their documents. With the capacity to watermark portable documents and other standard file formats, you can now monitor your files to obstruct data leaks whenever you share them through the Internet.

Step through the guides below so you can now start to place watermarks on your PDF files.

  • Upload the files that need immediate protection to the PDFBear toolbox. You can transfer the files from your file storage by clicking the “Select File” button, or you can just drag and drop the digital content from your computer to the allotted toolbox.
  • To have a custom watermark, you can use a specific name, such as your company name, to make your watermark. Or, for better identification and ownership, you can use the image of your company logo to be used as a watermark, as images are more accessible to recall than text.
  • In the third step, PDFBear will allow you to position your watermark according to what might be appealing to you. You can place the watermark in any section of your portable document, but it is much more preferable to put it in the center for a cleaner and professional look.
  • If you are satisfied with the settings, click the “Apply Changes” button, and the newly secured portable document format file will be available in a matter of seconds. You can save the document to your Gmail, Dropbox, and Google Drive account for future reference.

Visibility and Placement of a Watermark are Essential

While you already know that document watermarking is the perfect solution for digital document copyright protection. However, there are still instances where your files may be vulnerable to unauthorized access and possible data theft when you do not use a robust, visible watermark at the same time, not following the recommended logo placement.

Fortunately, PDFBear helps you create a robust watermark to prevent unauthorized use of your digital content. With its maximum flexibility of watermark tools, the site will assure that they will immediately mark your confidential files. Choosing the most appropriate position to place the watermark, such as in the center part, is vital in dealing with the placement.

Cross-Browser Compatibility and All-Platform Accessibility of PDFBear

When using PDFBear, installing multiple applications and software that consume your storage space is no longer necessary. Converting any files is accessible on this site as it supports various operating systems such as Mac, Android, Windows, and Linux. You can also access the site regardless of the device you have in hand or anything that allows you to use a browser.


Making an online process can be an overwhelming task. However, if you explore the best tool and most reliable source to protect your files, it will undoubtedly be a better advantage for you. The benefits and guides mentioned above on adding a watermark to your sensitive records are enough inspiration for you to start securing your files with the help of PDFBear.

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